What do you think about interview that is 2 hours long? What do you think about interview that is 2 hours long? | allnurses

What do you think about interview that is 2 hours long?

  1. 0 A nurse manager that interviewed me for 2 hours long while another girl for only 45 minutes. We both got the job though. But why me 2 hours long? I heard people interview for 20-30 minutes.
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    Why does it matter, you got the job?! There waere probably a lot of factors why your interview was longer. The interviewer probably had time on her hands, or you had so many stories she just listened, or she had lots of stories, etc. If you worry about something as small at this, you will have anxiety attack when you start working.
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    I've had long interviews that went nowhere.
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    Sorry, stupid question
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    I don't think it's a stupid question.

    Maybe you just clicked with the NM better and she enjoyed talking with you more.

    No matter what the reason though, congrats!!
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    Not a stupid question at all...but as one of my nursing instructors told us, sometimes the blue box is blue. And sometimes the two-hour interview is just that: a two-hour interview. Nothing more, nothing less.

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    Thank guys!!! I love the people here as well as the forum. Very supportive
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    Maybe she had an especially good lunch and her brain was running slower because it was still very involved with what she had eaten. She could have been fighting off the urge to nap. Nothing on your part. Congratulations on getting a job!
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    All of the interviews my fellow new grads and I had were at least an hour long, most an hour and a half -- I walked out physically and mentally exhausted. It was worth it though, to get chosen for the Versant RN Residency! Congrats on the job and good luck!
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