starting a nursing career in late 30's

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    I am still in my first year of nursing school. I am nervous about starting a profession later in the game. I know I still have many challenges ahead in school but I would like some input from anyone who was in the same position I am in now.

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    I have been an LPN for 2 years and I am currently waiting to sit for the RN boards. I am 40 years old and feel that my age has nothing to do with my abilites as a nurse. Many of my classmates are older than I am.
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    I became an RN in December of 2010, and immediately found a med surg position. I was 49 yrs old when I graduated, and have never had any age issues. Nursing is a great blend of old and young, experienced and newbies.
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    There are lots of threads on people starting new careers in nursing later in life.

    I'm 50, I've been an LPN for 3 years. Changing careers was the best career decision I ever made. I love my job.
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    Although I started out in the medical field at 18, I didn't become an LVN till right before my 39th birthday. I don't feel my age had anything to do with me finding work. Nurses come in various sizes, shapes & colors. Age is also part of that diversity. My suggestion is to be confident in your skills & strengths.
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    42 years old and in my first semester of nursing school. I feel my last 20 years in other areas will make me a better nurse
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    I just graduated with my RN in May. I am married with three children. It was very hard and at times I missed baseball games or homework or even bedtime. I have a wonderful support system ( you have to have that !!) It has been completely worth all the hard work and tears!!!! Good luck to you!!!! You can do it !!!!!!
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    Don't worry! You certainly won't be the only one. I became an RN in June at age 34 with no previous medical experience except for some time as a hospital volunteer (I had a previous career in another field). The oldest person in my nursing class was 54, if I remember rightly, and she's doing just fine. I'm now working on a cardiac step-down unit, and it's exhausting but wonderful!
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    Yay for you! Hang in there. You have the extra added bonus of life experience to offer your future patients. That shouldn't be minimized. I just passed the NCLEX at the age of 57 and an accelerated BSN program in August. I am so excited to begin my career and get a job! Good things come to those who are persistent!
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    Been there, done that, still wearing the t-shirt.

    Good luck to you.

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