starting a nursing career in late 30's

  1. I am still in my first year of nursing school. I am nervous about starting a profession later in the game. I know I still have many challenges ahead in school but I would like some input from anyone who was in the same position I am in now.
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  3. by   tainted1972
    I have been an LPN for 2 years and I am currently waiting to sit for the RN boards. I am 40 years old and feel that my age has nothing to do with my abilites as a nurse. Many of my classmates are older than I am.
  4. by   matilda123
    I became an RN in December of 2010, and immediately found a med surg position. I was 49 yrs old when I graduated, and have never had any age issues. Nursing is a great blend of old and young, experienced and newbies.
  5. by   itsmejuli
    There are lots of threads on people starting new careers in nursing later in life.

    I'm 50, I've been an LPN for 3 years. Changing careers was the best career decision I ever made. I love my job.
  6. by   1pinknurse
    Although I started out in the medical field at 18, I didn't become an LVN till right before my 39th birthday. I don't feel my age had anything to do with me finding work. Nurses come in various sizes, shapes & colors. Age is also part of that diversity. My suggestion is to be confident in your skills & strengths.
  7. by   DawnJ
    42 years old and in my first semester of nursing school. I feel my last 20 years in other areas will make me a better nurse
  8. by   geminiBSN75
    I just graduated with my RN in May. I am married with three children. It was very hard and at times I missed baseball games or homework or even bedtime. I have a wonderful support system ( you have to have that !!) It has been completely worth all the hard work and tears!!!! Good luck to you!!!! You can do it !!!!!!
  9. by   queenjulie
    Don't worry! You certainly won't be the only one. I became an RN in June at age 34 with no previous medical experience except for some time as a hospital volunteer (I had a previous career in another field). The oldest person in my nursing class was 54, if I remember rightly, and she's doing just fine. I'm now working on a cardiac step-down unit, and it's exhausting but wonderful!
  10. by   doggymama23
    Yay for you! Hang in there. You have the extra added bonus of life experience to offer your future patients. That shouldn't be minimized. I just passed the NCLEX at the age of 57 and an accelerated BSN program in August. I am so excited to begin my career and get a job! Good things come to those who are persistent!
  11. by   Altra
    Been there, done that, still wearing the t-shirt.

    Good luck to you.
  12. by   katiedid53
    I had a friend in college (nursing school) who attended and graduated and she was in her mid 50's and a grandmother and she did well in school, it was hard for her, but she did it and worked until she retired at 65. So honey, you can do it, you are not too old.
  13. by   susanlpn75
    Im a 36 year old single mom of 3 and just became an LPN and am in school going for my RN...welcome to the club
  14. by   VivaLasViejas
    Graduated from college and got my RN license at age 38. Now I look back and realize how young that really was, and I'm SO glad I did it when I was still bursting with energy and able to manage school, work, and raising four school-age kids.