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  1. 0 What if the area we specialize in has no jobs openings when we are ready to graduate?
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    Sometimes it is better to get a job whilst waiting for a job in the area where you wish to work. Gaining experience will help
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    Graduate with what? ADN, BSN or MSN? Throughout the nursing program, you don't specialize, you learn a little bit of the various department (med/surg, psych, peds, etc..) until you actually work, you can then specialize in what you like the most but straight out of the nursing program, you don't specialize.
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    When you graduate as an RN you're a generalist, not a specialist. You don't graduate with a 'specialty' in anything. You may have a preference for a certain area, but that's not the same as specializing in a certain area.
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    Is Med/Surg a good area to specialize in? I was thinking that or PEDS
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    And ASN
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    You don't specialize in anything in nursing school. You graduate with a degree and you become licensed as an RN. You can work in whatever specialty you choose/wherever you can land a job and you can change if you so choose. There's no such problem as your specialty area not having open jobs when you graduate because you don't graduate with a specialty. Where are you located? I am a pediatric nurse and in my area getting a pediatric job without a BSN is impossible for a new grad.
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    Thank you you guys!!! And I am in Minneapolis, Mn.
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    Everyone has to start somewhere. In this economy, the average length of time to secure ANY job is 6 months. Be prepared that you may not get hired into your chosen area following graduation, and be willing to accept any nursing job for the experience. You aren't marketable without experience, so be proactive about your search.