Soon to be RN graduate, figuring out career path

  1. Im expected to graduate and pass my RN boards all within the next 2 months.

    I have been doing an excellent job networking with administrators and facility all around the hospital, so I am confident in my ability to find a job.

    However, I have been having an incredibly difficult time figuring out a career path to take.

    I should add that I already have my MBA in business (Finance).

    I plan on spending my first several years as a new graduate mastering clinical skills and course knowledge.

    But im also trying to make decisions now, that will open up opportunity down the road (im only in my 20s).

    Because of the MBA teachers have constantly brought up the idea of aiming to be a nurse manager down the road, but im unsure of what would be the next step from there (CNL?)

    Nursing Pharmacology has been a class that I excelled in and was very much interested in, which made me consider working towards nursing research and possibly moving towards pharmaceutical companies down the road. But I really have no interest in ending up in sales so im not sure if thats the most likely path for this.

    And then of course im thinking of NP/DNP/CNL but I believe I would need some experience before any of these paths become more viable.

    Hope i didnt ramble too much, im just having a hard time trying to figure out a long term viable plan !

    I would immensely appreciate anyone's advice and or foresight !
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  3. by   perioddrama
    You seem to have varied interests. Which would you say is more of your passion? In your research, you could also talk to others to get a more detailed feel of the job descriptions (manager, pharmaceuticals, NP, etc).

    A good 'ole list could also help you narrow your future pathway.

    Good luck in the rest of your studies and your NCLEX exam!
  4. by   HouTx
    Hang on there Spanky - one thing at a time.

    First, get your license - then get a job. It's probably not going to be the 'perfect job', but as you gain expertise & competency, you will also have an opportunity to scope out the healthcare industry from the inside out. This will give you much more accurate information than a bunch of strangers on this forum. You may discover that informatics is your 'thing'. Or develop a yearning to be leading quality improvement efforts. There are sooo many possibilities. You'll get there.
  5. by   TopazLover
    Echoing HouTx. One day at a time. It is hard enough to be a new nurse. If you keep you brain in the future it is hard to effectively evaluate how your present can impact your future.

    I am all in favor of planning. Seems like you are too scattered to actually formulate a plan. Give it time and you will be able to write of list of pros and cons that is meaningful for you.