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I am extremely depressed. My whole family are nurses mother and all my aunts. They kept on telling me nursing is the only way to make money quick. So I enrolled in nursing school but I didnt pass the... Read More

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    You don't think there is a reason that nurses start off making decent money? There's a price in there somewhere. And it's because the job is HARD and demands a lot.

    Go work as a PCA or CNA. And if you hate it as much as you hated nursing school, that's ok! You can find something else to do. Save up as much of your paycheck as you can and then when you find something you really want to do, you can pay for school and not worry about loans. There is nothing wrong with working at Starbucks or wherever while you figure out what you do, despite what you parents apparently think. Move out. Get a roommate. Save money. Travel. Learn about yourself and grow as a person. There's nothing wrong with working at Starbucks for the rest of your life if that's what you want to do.

    Oh and BTW LTC nurses do a lot more than passing a few pills. And you know what? I got paid a lot less than $50,000 for doing it. Good luck. Experience some life and decided what YOU want to do, not what your PARENTS want you to do.
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    okies if the undecided person is still reading tis. Nursing if you think you can succeed go for it. though after a certain point you really are on your own as parents can't be funding your pipe dreams if you can't make it a paying reality. There' s no rule that you can't do nursing cuz it pays well. Most people in it for the money so what if you graduate pass then you're a nurse. No one gives a damm why i chose nursing just that I've got a license and can do the job. As for being a writer/editor that is a career that you can do with any major just gotta write well.

    Before you reattempt nursing you must find out why you failed out to start, what steps can you take to ensure that does not happen again. trying harder is not the answer. Either way you will need to have a strong grasp of your anatomy physiology and nursing concepts before you reattempt medsurge. There is a time limit on how long after leaving can you go back so good luck.

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