SHARP New Grad Summer 2017 - page 4

Making a thread for anyone applying to Sharps new grad program for summer of 2017! The application just opened today and closes on March 9th. Good Luck everyone!... Read More

  1. by   onajourney
    Quote from nurse760
    Just heard from the Sharp Grossmont ED, they are starting to call for interviews! My status still says under consideration
    Congrats!!! Good luck
  2. by   moccgrl85
    my application for Sharp memorial was updated today, it says under consideration still. No E-mails, just the update
  3. by   Katiekat RN, BSN
    My application for Sharp memorial was updated today as well, but now it says "no longer under consideration." My application for Chula Vista is still under consideration though, so there's hope!
  4. by   Nursemichele82
    My application for Sharp Memorial and Chula vista were updated today and still list under consideration just the date was updated today. My application for grossmont says under consideration but still the original date I applied. Crossing my fingers I hear something soon.
  5. by   Schuylerjungbsn
    Mine updated the same as you katiekat. Mine is no longer under consideration for memorial but updated today as under consideration for chula vista.
  6. by   Katiekat RN, BSN
    Has anyone heard anything?
  7. by   Schuylerjungbsn
    Nope. Mines still the same status as my previous post with no change.
  8. by   Aline22
    I applied to Sharp Grossmont's 3N/S and 5W floors.
    Does anyone know if they started contacting applicants for interviews or if interviews are already over?