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really quick résumé question...

  1. 0 i've been searching the boards and online and couldn't find a definitive answer... i'm hoping someone here could quickly tell me...

    when i put my name at the top of my résumé, do i need to include my RN designation?

    ie: Kudra Lastname, R.N.

    or is it a moot point, since you're obviously an RN if you're applying for an RN postion...

    thanks in advance...

  2. Poll: do i include the R.N. title or not?

    • "Kudra Lastname, R.N." is correct...

      66.67% 6
    • "Kudra Lastname" is correct...

      33.33% 3
    • there's no right way, either will do...

      0% 0
    • i have no idea!

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    9 Votes
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    I don't know the answer, but I always use it because I consider myself a professional and I worked hard for the title.
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    I would add the title because that is what you are and you worked hard to get there.
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    That's your title (presuming you're so licensed). Absolutely correct to use it.

    If you're applying for a job outside of nursing, then you might prefer to not use it (and instead use another title that you've also earned that's more apropos to the situation).
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    i am, indeed, licensed!

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    Absolutely put RN after your name on a resume.