Planned Parenthood RN experience?

  1. Hi there,

    I am considering employment beyond the clinical/hospital setting witha focus on women's health and services. Can anyone comment on their experience working as an RN at Planned Parenthood. What was a typical day like? What did you love? What did you dislike? If you are no longer working there, why did you leave?

    Any information is greatly appreciated!

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  3. by   studentnurse9806
    Also interested to hear what other have to say! Does any one know if they hire new grads?
  4. by   afrobuddhess
    they do!
  5. by   pockunit
    PP gave me my first job out of school. It's very fast-paced, very process-oriented. We see a lot of college-age students and teens, primarily. Some older adults, mostly in for STI screening.

    I do UPTs and options counseling as well, Rx dispensing, education, rooming/exiting, follow-up, and labwork. I do the work of the CMA and the RN, as needed. There's a lot of cross-training, which I like a lot.

    It's been a great first job, especially for learning how to work in a busy clinic. I spent today as the CMA, so I got pts into the room, did basic vitals, ordered and prepared CT/GC tests, ordered labs, gave Depo, drew some blood, and prepped trays for IUD and Implanon insertions.

    I work per diem, so it's mostly picking up shifts and working for another nurse who's on maternity leave.

    So far the patients have been really great and responsive.
  6. by   afrobuddhess
    Thanks for the information! Glad to hear you like what you are doing. Do you feel like you could stay there for awhile if offered something more permanent beyond your per-diem maternity leave position? How was your training?

    Thanks again for the response!
  7. by   bubblejet50
    I did some of my clinicals at planned parenthood. I loved it but you will be dealing with the kind of people who have money to buy name brand purses and new phones but not be able to put any money towards their birth control, people who use abortion (if your state allows it) as a normal birth control, and people who are uneducated and dont want to learn. If you feel like you can work with those populations and not become jaded it will give you a lot of hands on experience and learning chances. The nurses at my pp did the reception, the intake triage, the procedures that the doctor or np was not needed for, ran the labs themselves, and did the teaching. I learned a lot there.
  8. by   pockunit
    Totally. They are hoping for a way to make space for me, but it's hard when people don't really leave unless they're moving out of town. I consider that the sign of a good employer, kwim?

    Training was pretty good. You can always ask for more. Procedures (UPTs, blood draws, dispensing) all need check-offs, just like on any floor, and there are lots of online training videos. I think I get CEUs for some of the training. I keep meaning to send in my paperwork.

    Even as a per-diem nurse, I also have access to a 403(b) account, which I think is fantastic. At my affiliate, benefits start at 20 hours regular time, so I wouldn't have to work much to qualify. Actually, I work that many hours already, but not as a regular RN. Its all good, though. I have at least 3 weeks schedule after her leave is over, covering for people on vacation. It's not hard to get pretty much as many hours as I want.