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    Who has completed a MSN online and what program did you attend. Thinking about this and I do not want to get involved with one that will drive me more crazy than I am.
    thanks for you help and Happy New Year:hatparty:
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    Yes- I am debating the same. Wondering if anyone has any particularly good experience with an online MSN. Also I am concerned re the programs that make the students find their own practicum for the NP programs. Any comment would be welcome.
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    I am doing the University of Phoenix online MSN in Management and Leadership.
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    I am doing the an on line MSN/FNP program through BSU, it is a good program. They only offer a part time program because most of us work full time. It takes about three years to complete and clinicals are done in your community. I will graduate spring 2006. You can find more info at
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    I am currently enrolled in the University of New Mexico's online MSN program. There are quite a few tracks, education, midwifery, admin, NP's. I am only doing one course a semester (3 hours), and will take 5 years to complete. go to the CON grad program link for details
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    My boss is enrolled in an online MSN program at NMSU. She's finding it a very positive experience.

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