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Hi Everyone! I know that there have been questions like this in the past but the last one I have seen was in 2012. I had my interview at NYP/Columbia and I accepted an offer. I now have to... Read More

  1. by   Fl0werRN
    Hi all! I have an interview with NYP Columbia soon. Any advice?!?!
  2. by   Hallygirl
    Hey ! I was hired for NYP at the Morgan Stanley campus so I have to take the basic pediatric pharm exam. I have completed the study guide using the Davis drug guide. I don't want to over study or anything, but does anyone have any advice? Would you say the exam is true to the study guide where it says especially adverse effects, indications, etc? Was it a multiple choice test?
  3. by   TerpRN2016
    Hello everyone, I thought I'd share some insight on what my hiring process was like with NYP/Columbia. Here's my timeline:

    1. Graduated in December 2016
    2. Around the 2nd wk of January, I attended a New Grad Event at my school
    3. Within less than a week I received an email that I was considered a "Top Candidate" however I still had to apply for positions, and I had not yet taken the NCLEX. I kept in contact with the recruiter from my New Grad Event to keep her informed of my status.
    4. I passed the boards Feb 16 and informed the recruiter of my status. She said congrats but I didn't really hear much from her after that.
    5. Feb 22-28 I applied for a few positions anyway. I still had a "future consideration" posting on my profile, while the positions I applied for either said pending, or that I didn't qualify.
    6. March 9 I was invited to interview. I interviewed March 16th and about 4 business days later I was offered the position.
    7. I took my Pharm exam today April 4th and passed thank God! I was informed by the Talent Acquisition Specialist (TAS) that I have been on-boarding with, that NYP no longer gives out study guides Initially I was told that I should receive my Study Guide in a few days. Days had passed and I hadn't received anything so I called the TAS. He never mentioned that it could be found on the NYP Workday Account, I discovered that myself. However, it turned out to be a list of rules for the test and not an actual study guide Thankfully, I came on here and found some Quizlet links, used RN.com, and did a practice NLN exam and that was very helpful. If you can find any previous study guides that is your best bet! Mine was adults based - multiple choice. The questions were pretty standard, not tricky. Side effects, drug calculations, and overall med administration/troubleshooting made up the exam. I know a few people who took the Pharm exam last Summer 2016 and they received a study guide. I'm not sure why as of 2017 a guide is not provided.
    8. I did a few on-boarding processes today (Health screening, Security screening etc) and I'm looking forward to starting in a few weeks!

    As you can see, my entire application process has taken about 4 months, I start 1st wk of May. It took me quite some time but I am BEYOND excited to begin my nursing career at NYP. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask & I'll answer them to the best of my ability!
  4. by   Fl0werRN
    Hi!!!! Looks like we're going to be in the same orientation group!

    I'm scheduled to take my exam next week. Would you say the study guides helped you?
  5. by   TerpRN2016
    Hey!! Nice to meet you! Are you working with adults too? Yes, the guide I got from RN.com was very helpful! Very closely matched the exam so if anything make sure you go through it thoroughly!
  6. by   Fl0werRN
    Yes I'm taking one for adults. Nice to meet you!! Ill be working on the emergency department?? Wbu?
  7. by   MurseJJ
    Quote from TerpRN2016
    Hey!! Nice to meet you! Are you working with adults too? Yes, the guide I got from RN.com was very helpful! Very closely matched the exam so if anything make sure you go through it thoroughly!
    I think this is why they stopped giving out the study guide. I started in December and we were given it.

    Good luck!
  8. by   TerpRN2016
    I'll be working on a Medical Surgical unit
  9. by   marial98
    I'll be working with adults too starting in May, medical oncology =) I haven't taken a test since I got my chemo certification (a year ago! yikes!) so I'm nervous about this pharmacology test! I take it this week >.<
  10. by   Fl0werRN
    You'll do fine!! Study the guide from rn.com I shall see you guys on may 1st !
  11. by   RNBSN12334
    Hi I know its been a while but I'm taking my pharm exam in 3 days and they no longer provide a study guide. I've been studying from the RN.com study guide. Was just wondering if you have a copy of the study guide you were provided. Thank You!
  12. by   Jesses_Girl_
    Hi everyone! I am scheduled to take the pharm exam for NYP next week. Can someone post the link to the guide they studied on RN.com? I can't seem to find it, thank you
  13. by   Anastasiya89
    I can not find the rn.com review several people are referring to, taking the exam after tomorrow and the study guide is no longer provided. Someone please help!