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I am a student nurse about to enter my senior year after this grueling summer of ob and peds. during a nursing issues lecture we discussed how Duke University is considering a nursing union. Nursing unions are new to the south.... Read More

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    I work for a union hospital, and we do not have it any better than non union hospital. From what i have read here and other place we make less, have the same crappy staffing, (8-12 patients evening, 10-16 nights, no charge nurse...), no weekend diffs, and only $1.20 for eves, and $1.5 for nocs shift diff. You have absolutly no say in your raise and get the same raise if your a good nurse or one who constantly gets complaints who the usnion keeps from getting fired. The only good thing i have to say is that they cannot mandate overtime. One rumor flying around is that the current Union officials are gone come next election. We'll hae to wait and see.

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    I live and work in Arizona and very few hospitals have union representation. As a matter of fact, I only know of one area in one hospital. My hospital is non-union but I was recently approached by a fellow nurse who asked me to be a contact for my floor to try to get our hospital unionized. The problem I have is that wages were recently increased, we do not have mandatory overtime and the staffing ratios - though not perfect (average of 5:1 covering 1 LPN), seem better than a lot that I read about. I elected not to get involved at this time for those reasons. I haven't ruled out future involvement though. Salaries begin as a new grad at a little over $17.00. Shift diff is 3.00 for nights and 2.00 for weekends. We also get shift diff after 3pm of about 1.00.
    Does that sound competitive?

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