New RN can't find job in Miami with 5 years LPN experience

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    Hi everyone, I'm new in here and still trying to figure it out please bear with me.I graduated and passed my boards in Dec '12 and I've been looking for a job since with no luck. I have 5 years of being an LPN in a nursing home but I haven't even gotten a call back. I'm getting really discouraged and starting to think maybe I'm not doing something right. Does anyone have any advise or suggestions?
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    No, this is happening everywhere. There are several threads on here about new grads unable to find jobs.

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    Right, it's a tough market for nursing.

    Keep trying and trying.
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    The problem is that technically, you have no RN experience. It's a shame because a smart employer would realize that you do bring some nursing experience with you--and being a LVN in a LTC is not an easy nursing job at all--and that you're several steps ahead of your average new grad. Sadly not everyone sees it as such :/

    In addition, it's just a horrible job market for many nurses, experienced as well as new grad. Plus you have only been searching for a couple of months...many new grads are taking several months or longer to find anything.

    All you can do is keep applying.

    Best of luck!
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    has anyone found jobs in miami, i am so desperate!!!
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    Quote from futurenurse809
    has anyone found jobs in miami, i am so desperate!!!
    Me and all my friends found jobs. It took on average 5 months after license, about 6-7 months after graduation.
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    I am in the same boat....still looking, but I have my old job...

    There's not a shortage of nurses, but you sure couldn't tell by all the open positions listed on hospital websites!

    Good luck. I certainly know how you feel!
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    Hospital websites are deceiving. Often positions are posted, but the employer has no intention of filling them in a reasonable time frame. They post to keep the positions in their budgets and to keep unions happy.