New grad residency programs in San Antonio area

  1. Anyone have any experience with these? I am a recent grad ADN and really looking to move out of long term care into acute care but I have applied for 19 different positions with various hospitals and can't even get an interview, just a letter saying they are looking for more experienced nurses. I have applied to Christus an Seton residency programs and will also be applying at Methodist when they open the application process but how long until you hear something and will they let me know if I haven't been selected? I'm starting to get very discouraged.
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  3. by   HouTx
    Sorry you're having so much difficulty launching your career.

    Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but CHRISTUS is moving down the path toward Magnet certification, so they are pretty much interested in hiring only BSN grads.
  4. by   VanessaRenee
    I read online that Methodist usually does on the spot interviews during their meet and greet event, which I believe is on the 11th. Did you apply to Baptist new grad programs? I saw that they also have openings for new grads. Their orientation starts in Jan.
  5. by   Erica2012
    Speaking from my personal experience, after my application submission, if I did not hear from HR in about 2 business days, I would never hear anything back from them. I got three interviews from 3 different hospitals and they always called me right after the next day after I submitted my application.
  6. by   nikkidrn
    I have applied to Baptist for some open positions but the "new grad" positions are for graduates of their nursing school only.