Need some advice for my 2nd career

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    I've been an RN for 3 yrs now- (that is my 2nd job) My primary job is not medically related but due to income, benefits and years in, I cannot quit. It took me a long time to get my license as I worked fulltime, plus part time job and went to school- Due to my day job I can only work weekends and I have at a LTC facility and I do enjoy it, but would like to expand my knowledge in other areas. I've tried to expand it at my facility working the vent unit, severe dementia unit and being the wound nurse for the weekends. I would like to learn and grow much more but I can't seem to find a "weekend only job" (I have no med surg experience) and many of my friends tell me to stay away from Staffing Companies. I'm open to many areas but with only 3 yrs experience in LTC I don't seem to have what they want. Any suggestions on how to break into a new line of nursing for "weekends only"

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    Maybe try applying at an LTAC and they would train?
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    Many hospitals still have weekend "relief" house supervisors and part time positions, but I would imagine that these may be restricted to nurses with experience only. I agree with the PP, LTACs are the logical step-up to provide a bridge to the acute care environment.
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    Thank you Crunch RN & HouTx for your input-I'll give it a try
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    Thank you for your insight I will give it a try

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