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  1. I'm a LPN with 18 mo's of experience, age late 40's.. Have a wife & 3 young kids. Have worked as charge nurse for 15 mo's in ltc setting & 3 mo's as PDN ped's.
    I need to research and determine what nursing career path to take. I will be starting a LPN to RN bridge program next yr. I've read nursing blogs on Travel nursing, Nurse anesthetists, APRN, and Nurse practitioners. I need to earn more than $20-22/hour as an RN in the local not for profit hospital. I have extensive experience c/ heart babies (I have one). Would like to work in PICU/NICU. Need to shadow in that environment. I would really appreciate any feedback!!
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  3. by   Jenni811
    When you interview for a job, its alright to ask if they allow shadow experiences. Our hospital will usually arrange it if they really like the person. They want to make sure you like it and its the right job for you. Nothing is worse than getting into a job you don't like or don't have any interest in but thought you did.
    Just ask if they offer it at the hospital you are thinking of applying to.
  4. by   anotherone
    In the LPN to RN program will you have peds clinicals? Can you chose a clinical? I have no idea at all how LPN to RN programs work. Like a previous poster said, some jobs let you shadow once you are a candidate for the job.
  5. by   wecan11
    Thank you very much for the feedback. I'll check with the hospital.