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Hello my fellow nurses. It is great to finally find a message board and be able to discuss my new career with those much wiser than I. Let me start off by saying my story and what crossroads I am approaching. I am a student... Read More

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    It doesn't sound like you can go wrong either way. I always pray on these things and the answer becomes clear where I should go and what was meant to be. Let us know what you decide.

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    Quote from Erlindathequeen
    My boyfriend went to their Scottsdale location
    in Phoenix. Not one of the nurses offered him any privacy while he was
    changing in his room. I complained to the state board of nursing about it.
    Believe me, I'm doing everything I can to get them fired! In december
    of last year a 5th year general surgery resident took a pic of a male
    patient's genitals was he was under anesthesia. Then show the pic to
    other people. He was canned. MAYO SUCKS!!! So does their nursing staff!
    Some patients need assistance while changing and the staff helping him would be appropriate and professional in that matter. That isn't in and of itself a privacy violation if curtains were drawn to ensure his privacy from outsiders. If he is able to advocate for himself and shares your feelings why isn't he advocating for himself here? I do think it would carry more weight coming from the actual patient versus the girlfriend if he feels his privacy was invaded.

    The doctor should be fired in this case. That is a positive on behalf of Mayo that they took action. I wouldn't however udge a whole facility with hundreds if not thousands of employees on the actions of a few.
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    As the saying goes: "the grass isn't always greener on the other side of the fence." Similarly, as with many other institutions the Mayo Clinic may not be all it's cracked up to be by its PR dept. You really need to do some research on the Internet about the Mayo Clinic before moving so far away from friends and family.

    Good Luck!

    Quote from buffscotty
    Hello my fellow nurses. It is great to finally find a message board and be able to discuss my new career with those much wiser than I. Let me start off by saying my story and what crossroads I am approaching.

    I am a student at Pittsburg State University in Kansas. I will graduate with my BSN in May and am counting down the moments. For years I had the plan to become a C.R.N.A., it was my goal and pretty much what I had my heart set on. Then, last summer, I worked as a patient care tech in an ER and loved it, as well as the doctors I worked with. About 4 weeks ago I decided I wanted to try (after school) to go back, take a few classes and go to Medical School to become a Dr. of Emergency Medicine. If this did not come to pass I wished to go for my DNP. But, thinking I was going to become a C.R.N.A. I had applied only to ICUís, but with ER really what I was striving for. I scurried and applied to an ER and was left with two choices

    Thinking I wanted ER and didnít have much interest in ICU, I interviewed at University Hospital in Columbia, MO for an ER position. Having already scheduled an interview at Mayo Clinic from before, I decided to go on it, just almost to see the facilities. I was absolutely blown away by Mayo (even with not wishing to do ICU as much as I had before) I was very impressed by Mayo and how the hospital and staff worked. So (I have not been offered either job, it will be a few weeks before I know in either) I am really in a tough decision. I am between ER (which I love to practice and get great satisfaction from) at Columbia and the ICU at Mayo (which I loved, but didnít know I did until I went to see it).

    Part of the appeal to me for Mayo is that Iíve grown up my whole life in Missouri (SW Missouri) and Minnesota is like a foreign land to me, so it is very interesting and new. I am single with no children and have an adventurous side, so Mayo takes me in that interest. On the other hand, I love Columbia and Mizzou and have a true passion for ER. I am a trauma junkie who loves the fast pace and coming to work everyday unsure of what will occur. With both schools I need to be in a position to take classes in order to try my MCAT, as well as have access to an FNP school, in case I try for my Doctorate of Nurse Practitioner.

    I am sorry this was so long and given in so many details. I know in a few years I will probably look back at all of this and laugh, but as a newbie in the nursing world it is very confusing and scary getting ready to go into the big world by myself for the first time. I am just not sure what I want, and just have some strange feeling I will be forever stuck at the area I choose. Any advice or words of the wise would be appreciated. Looking forward to hearing from you all.

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