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Midlife Career Change to Nursing - Advice, please - page 7

Hi all, I'm a 42-year-old lawyer who's seriously considering making a career change to the nursing field. (I've been an unhappy lawyer, in several different law positions, for 18 years now...). I... Read More

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    Honestly, being a lawyer isn't a stable job. The cap on associates at law firms (the lowest level lawyer) is about six years, and then you're out. Corporate jobs are extremely hard to come by, and the physical aspect of lawyering is awful - we work very long hours and sit on our butts for 10-13 hours a day. I've been a lawyer with excellent positions for six years, and I can attest that this job is NOT what most people think it is. I think seasoned attorneys and seasoned nurses likely feel similarly about their professions.
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    mcgocara31 - I'd love to know if you made the switch from law to nursing. I am also a lawyer (6 years in) in my mid-thirties and have been seriously considering making the switch for several years now. I know nursing is difficult and not glamorous, but being a lawyer is a long slog through anxiety and discontent that has no chance of ending after I leave the office for the day. Any advice from you or the other lawyers-turned-nurses would be so appreciated!