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LPN first?

  1. 0 Hello Everone! I am 19 years old and thinking on going to Nursing School to get my LPN and then do the LPN to BSN option...my mother says i should just go right to my RN...I told her that I'd get more experience with my LPN first....What do you think? I need some advice!
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    I think your mother is right! Go ahead and get your RN. Good luck
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    If your high school marks are good enough, go directly to rn. Much easier to do it now, than have to redo the courses in five years, so that the science marks are current.

    You're young enough to pay your loans off without it impacting on family life.
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    Go straight for your RN unless your goal is Long Term Care, for the most part where LVN's/LPN's work, which is a worthy goal. But is that what you want?

    You are young, you are not married, you don't have children . . .go the RN route!!!

    Just take a look at some of the threads here from women with children and husbands trying to juggle all that with school. It is very hard.

    Listen to your mom - sometimes we are right.

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    Thanx for all of the input!!! I appreciate it.