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So, after a good solid three weeks of being on the job prowl up until today I have had ZERO luck. It's doesn't help that I'm a new grad without a ton of experience but that is besides the point. There is a hospital down the... Read More

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    I know two new grads in Kansas, one graduated last May, the other in January and both had jobs virtually immediately (and both graduated with their ADN). They both now hold two jobs in fact, one full and one part time each That makse me hopeful for my future in the KCMO area!

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    If I were you, I'm not sure if this "rehab" is a nursing home type of rehab or a rehab that's separate from the hospital type thing. I would do a per diem at the rehab and take the hospital job. Most jobs look for that one year hospital experience. Its just something good for your resume that will get you into other jobs at say clinics or surgery centers so to speak.
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    I am very worried about the display picture , if that is truly you! I could be one of the managers please be careful!
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    I have applications they are 2 years old and on status read " under review". 3 weeks wait is a breeze.
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    Thanks everyone. After speaking with HR I have decided that I like the rehab facility and will stay with them.
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    Quote from hiddencatRN
    You've only been looking for 3 weeks? And you didn't expect it to take that long?
    ^My thoughts exactly...too me 6 months to get an interview and 8 months to start. If anything, sounds like great record time!

    ...but I digress.

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