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  1. 0 Going to school working your butt off to become a nurse and may not even get a job.Its hard trying to work and do school.How do you get through these hard times and find motivation? ?
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    I know some areas differ in their demand or nurses but I think very few would not be able to find any job at all. Maybe you will have to look around and it may not be the job you want, but a job nonetheless. I live in Panama City, fl and there are SOO many ads for nurses in the o.r. And emergency and icu. So I'm hoping when I graduate there will still be the demand that there is now for nurses in my area.
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    What if I just relocated to flordia.But where would I get the money???To move??
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    Quote from Student Nurse_7
    What if I just relocated to flordia.But where would I get the money???To move??
    I think you should focus on becoming a nurse first. No one can tell you where the jobs will be when you finish school and pass your boards.
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    I agree with the above poster. You can't predict what the job market is going to be in 2 years, and from reading on here the job market in Florida doesn't seem great either. There might be openings for ER and ICU but I'm sure for most of those they want experienced nurses. They can't staff a whole ICU full of new grads. Try to get a job in a healthcare setting while you're in school.
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    Thank you.You guys are right.!!Health setting like nursing home?
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    Im the person that wants to help others in need!Make them smile.Someday I hope to be able to bless the less fortunate. Just give to those whether its money,kindness,or even love.I'm a very good person.I'm a young male with a big heart.Could I be a good MALE Nurse?? Is this a good career choice for me?
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    Nursing home, dr. Office, nursing aide or a caregiver. Any of these will give you some kind of experience in the field and/or with patients. But probably not a lot of patient care/contact unless you work in a nursing home/home health care.
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    Might be, time will tell.
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    I'm scared ill be out a job
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    Dont worry about being a good "male nurse".... just be a good nurse.
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    I agree with ArgentumRN. Being a nurse is primary and being a male nurse is secondary. Actually, I appreciate working with a nice mix of make and female nurses. I know MANY men who are excellent nurses. Concentrate on school and pass those boards. Everything else will fall in order in due time.
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    I struggled with the same thoughts!! But nursing is all I can see myself doing. And that concern (job, market, employment, etc) applies to all fields. The market is bad everywhere!!! Let's just keep our heads up and stay focused on our goal -- which is getting through nursing school and getting our license! Then we can worry about the rest after hehe

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