Is a Friday a good day to job hunt?

  1. 0 Or should I wait until Monday. If I get my license tomorrow, I may want to call a few places to check if they are hiring......but should I wait until Monday. It's something I hadn't thought about until now. Any feedback would be helpful. Thanks.
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    It doesn't really matter. Nothing is going to change over the weekend. I always think getting your name in earlier is better -- just in case someone else "beats you to it," but there is nothing magical about one day of the week over another.

    However, trying to get someone's attention on a Monday might be difficult if they come in to work on Monday and find a lot of things that piled up over the weekend that have to be addressed before they can start on "new business."

    I guess I would recommend Friday over Monday ... but I don't really think it matters that much if you are hunting for a job in the right way to begin with.

    Good luck,
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    Monday is generally NG, unless a prior appointment has been arranged.

    I'd say Tuesday through Friday morning are probably better. And don't walk in bright and early. Give the folks some time to review the important stuff at the start of their day.

    Good luck!

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