Interviews, offers, decision...Oh My!!

  1. I am currently in the middle of interviews and am stressed! I completed 2 interviews with a Pediatric office and am awaiting to see if they give me an offer. My last job was a position as a Public Health Nurse at a Health Department which I LOVED!!!! I applied for a position at a health department closer to my home in May and never heard anything. Well they called today and are wanting to interview me for a position that I REALLY REALLY want!

    This interview is the 23rd. Jobs in my area can be hard to come by. What am I going to do if the Peds office offers me a position before the 23rd? I want a chance to interview for this health department position since it is what I have a lot of experience in.

    It is just craziness.....Public Health is my passion and I am good at it. I do love Pediatrics and focused on interning in it while in nursing school. The Health Department position would be my first choice, any advice? I dont want to turn down this interview if the Peds office gives me an offer, and yet I really need a job.

    What would you do??
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  3. by   genaluvya
    hey, Congrats on your job interviews. What I have learned is that you should always do an interview with every job that offers you an interview. Second I learned not to be scared to turn down a job offer because if the job doesn't want you they will definately let you go; no ifs, ands or buts.

    Just my 2 cents. If you are accepted the job, Take it. You won't know if you really like pediatrics or the job environment if you don't try it out. When the Public Health job interview come around take a day off, come in late or leave early from the pediatric job.

    Good Luck
  4. by   Anna Flaxis
    Is there any way you can tell the public health job that you are currently in negotiations with another agency, and you need to move the interview date up?
  5. by   amoLucia
    One thing I learned about Civil Service positions is that the application process usually takes FOREVER! Federal, state or municipal, they all take soooo looooong.

    Don't know how that figures into your plans but I'd be prepared for a wait for Civil Service.

    But then to quote an old phrase - 'all good things come to he who waits'.

    PS - some public health depts have separate pediatric divisions so there might be a way for you to combine the two.
  6. by   Been there,done that
    You are wasting too much energy on a situation that may.. or may not.. occur.
    If you were to be offered the Ped office job, I'm sure you can stall them while you wait for the job you really want.
    Play your cards!
  7. by   HeatherGurl84
    I did ask if they had an earlier interview available but this is the earliest hey could schedule. When I worked for the health department in a different area, I interviewed and received an offer within a week. There wasn't a long wait at all. If this does come to pass, I will play my cards, still schedule the public health interview (which is a pediatric focus) and see what happens.

    Like was said, I do not want to turn down a chance to interview. Your advice has been most helpful....I will make this work because I want the best environment for me, where I can thrive.
  8. by   cass1320
    I literally just experienced the same situation. I had two interviews in the same week, one on Monday and one on Thursday. The first was for a cardiac step-down unit, the second for a cardiac ICU. I love critical care and I was really excited about the second job, but after the first interview I was offered the step-down position and told that they wanted their answer immediately (within 24 hours). I'm a new grad and I was worried that if I turned down the first job, I might not be offered the ICU position and I would have nothing. I called the ICU recruiter and explained the situation and she moved up my interview to the next morning! I had the ICU job offer by noon the same day.
    You know what's funny though? I ended up taking the first job after all. The ICU and the step-down unit I interviewed in ended up having the same patient acuity and ratio. The step-down might not be a true "ICU" but I'll learn just as much there as I would have at the ICU AND it pays 4 dollars an hour more and has better benefits. I'm glad I went to the second interview because now I have peace of mind, but I would have been devastated if I lost both jobs because I was greedy. In the end, the risk was worth it because being in a good learning environment is important to me.
    You should prioritize what is important to you (job security, pay, healthy work environment, public health vs. peds) and decide if risking the first job is worth a chance at the second.
  9. by   HeatherGurl84
    I plan on going to both interviews and will decide what is better for me. If I accept the peds job, and then get offered the public health job and it seems to be the best option, I will take it.