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Hi there! I'm in my mid-20s and I have a degree in advertising, which means I sit at a desk all day -- YUCK. I want more variety, more interaction with people, and more hands-on work. So I'm considering going back to school... Read More

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    I don't think you are crazy at all amyrae. After all, a little craziness is needed for survival.

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    Come on! Most of us who have pets deal with the same stuff. That's why there is such a thing as handwashing, and gloves, and gowns and scrubs! We used to have this dialysis procedure where the dialyzer would produce a bunch of urine. And we drained it into wash basins and then, when it was pretty full, we'd dump it. One day, a technical guy in our ICU didn't see it and stepped right in the bucket! We laughed our butts off...ALL of us including him! You get en enormous sense of humor in this job, maybe because you appreciate a lot of suffering. My brother is kind of a holy roller, and he thinks I ought to 'be closer to God.' Well, I feel me and God have an understanding about helping others out who are suffering, and I really appreciate that I can help, even if it is to give a little morphine to take the edge off, turn someone to make them more comfortable, or give them a few ice chips because they are terribly thirsty and can't yet drink. Do you know how good it makes me feel to be able to say,'Sure I can help you!' And the families are SOOOO appreciative! Do you know how much more comfortable they are leaving their loved one in capable, caring hands??? It makes all the difference in the world. I love it!!! Never regret it! Glad there are so many of you guys who feel the same way!!!

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