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Hi, I'm new to the site, and am wanting to know (from an experienced nurse), how far an RN with an ADN can go up the ladder vs. an RN with a BSN.... or is basically the same, i.e. nurse practitioner, and so on?... Read More

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    Quote from sunnyjohn
    As far as your imagination and drive can take you.

    Eloquently said!!!!!

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    i'm new to the site and i think its great. i have been an RN for 17 years/associate degree. have worked in the field of addiction-detox, rehab hospital for ten years. the last 3+ years, i have been working in a small HIV clinic at a community health center. i would like to continue my education and plan on getting BS by next year. i would like to be a clinical nurse specialist in addictions but not sure how to go about it and can't find addiction as specialty. i also like counselling especially group work and i like teaching, as i do in my clinic. i'm not sure how to proceed. Any thoughts and suggestions? just turned 50 this year and am thinking of the future-don't think i can do hospital work anymore, or not sure i want to!!
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    Are hospitals and similar institutions looking for the training that differentiates a BSN from an ADN? If one already has a technical advanced degree would that change one's opportunities if one gets the ADN?
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    This soley depends on one's desire and motivation to accomplish what they desire. I know many many nurse managers including fellow friend DON's who have ASN degrees. BSN is preferred but the real knowledge is in the skill and clinical expertise, more so than the degree they have in many cases.
    I agree that locale and facility policy will be a factor, but ASN nurses have plenty of opportunity for career growth and expansion.

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