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I came across this site today b/c I did a google search for people who had never passed the NCLEX-RN but wanted to go back and attempt again. I graduated with BSN in 1998 but never passed my boards after 3 attempts. Now I am... Read More

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    Quote from zionsdaughter
    I'm gonna just study none stop and take a refresher course. I can't start the LPN program until January. That gives me 6 months to attempt the NCLEX-RN. I decided today that I'm gonna pass and won't need the LPN program.
    Thats one of the attitudes needed. Now get to studying anyway you can. Refresher courses and what not. Answer questions as best as you can. If you miss questions look up the rationale. If its something that needs reading, read it. get a study partner if you can.

    You have the right set of attitude, its now time to put action with it.

    All the best.
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    Zionsdaughter....did you ever pass your boards?I see this post is 3yrs old....just curious what your outcome was