Got offered a full time job, but got accepted to prestigious university. Got offered a full time job, but got accepted to prestigious university. | allnurses

Got offered a full time job, but got accepted to prestigious university.

  1. 0 Earlier last month I lost my job.

    I decided to start putting out applications. Then I decided just out of the blue... "You know what I am going to go get my RN at my dream school! Why not?!" Since I don't want to be a LPN anymore.

    Well I didn't think much about the jobs I applied until one nursing home decided to call me for a job interview. So I decided, "Okay no harm." Went and had the interview on Wed. and I felt it turned out good. They were looking for mostly PRNs, so I figured that would be the best, since I would be PRN, and then went on my merry way. Not really caring if it was PRN, and if it was I might turn it down. I never told them however that I was going to transfer from my online school to Shawnee state, just because of the fact I might not get into it. And I figured that since it was PRN and over an hour from my house I would politely say no and thank you.

    Well the big bomb hit, because they want me for a full time position at the nursing home, paying me $22.50/hour. I nearly tripped over my feet, because I have never been offered that my in my life!!!

    So I need to figure out what I need to do, because I don't know if I should accept the position or not. Especially if I might have to quit by August for school!!! I never expected them to give me a FT position at all!!!! I also really need the job, because of the fact need a income!!! So I don't know if I should tell them that over the weekend I got a letter I applied for a university I got accepted to and I decided to accept. Or just refuse all the way. Or see if there is a way where I can work on the weekends. And then go to my university over the week!!!

    I let my dream of going to my school of choice slip through my fingers twice. And I am NOT going to let it slip a third time!!!! But I right now I am trying to figure out if I should tell them of me going to school at my university. Or just turn down the job.

    Really need some advice, because to me this is a big deal. I never expected to be offered a full time job. Since I only expected a PRN.
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    I will assume that you're an LPN. If you're single, you can try to work both at the same time. It's doable. I managed to work full time and go to school full time.
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    Can you take your nursing classes part time? Is the fulltime position day or night? 8hr or 12hr? All things that would make a difference.
    But yea, if you say your dream is to get your RN, then I really think you answered your own question...