From nurse to doctor?

  1. Hello everyone! I'm interested in knowing, have any of you in the nursing profession gone back to medical school? I'm curious because I'm torn in between the two careers and would like to possibly do both. If you have, how was it? Let me know your experience and how you did/are doing in med school!
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  3. by   cayenne06
    I seriously considered returning to med school, but ended up going for my APN (CNM) because the work/life balance for both med students and MDs is horrible. I want to see my kids every once in a while, you know?
  4. by   HouTx
    There are a lot of us who have gone on to become "doctors", but not in medicine.
  5. by   blessed91
    I'm a nurse and i'm considering going to medical school. The way I see it is that I like medicine and I'm always curious about knowing things and becoming a doctor will let me know everything i wonder about. Anyone who goes to med school has to sacrifice their home lives whether family or friends, you have to adopt a new lifestyle for 8-10 years. You also have to look at where your going to be at the end of the road.