Experienced RN Applying to Numerous Jobs- Overkill

  1. Hello nurses,

    I am per diem- which makes me VULNERABLE to cancellations.
    I have NOT worked for 3 weeks, due to low census.
    I have no paycheck- no way to pay bills.
    I have applied to 9 hospitals and 2 agencies.

    Was that an overkill? What if no one emails me back? What if 3 call back at the same time? Which do I choose? How much time should I
    ALSO,I need at least 2 days blocked since I...
    1. took an instructing job at a school once a week- that starts in 3 weeks.
    2. I am in school completing my degree

    The 2 day block scares recruiters away.. (I didnt tell them that yet). However, I can do weekends AND holidays.
    I feel like I should resign from teaching job but don't want to burn bridges because that is the place I want to eventually go back to.
    What should I do and how to go about it?
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  3. by   beeker
    No, you might have an overkill of interviews, but it will be better for you to see which one suits you better. Find out what each one has to offer, what they are willing to pay you, and what they offer (if any) benefits. Having a lot of options keeps you in the drivers seat. The issue I run into is when the job I am on the fence about offers the job quickly and you are left waiting on the one you really want. Hope it goes well!
  4. by   Carrollrn
    Thank you for your quick reply! I got a call back the other day- but she wasnt happy about my "required days off". should I leave my clinical instructor job? I feel really bad and its unprofessional.. or wait it out till I find a part time or Per diem gig....
  5. by   meandragonbrett
    Recruiters don't need to know what days you need off. That's between you and the hiring manager, not HR.
  6. by   Carrollrn
    FML!!!! I cant believe I told recruiter my days needed off!!! I bet I wont get a call back. I just screwed myself!!!
  7. by   MommyandRN
    I am in a similar situation. I am experienced and have been applying, and have been worried about too many offers, but actually don't get called too often.

    You don't need to discuss any of that until you have an offer. Go in for an interview, impress them, and then wait until they offer you a job. Then you can work out details as far as which days you work etc. If it comes up in an interview, you can mention you go to school or whatever, just as a heads up. But I would not say up front you need Tues/Wed or whatever off.
  8. by   Carrollrn
    Yes, so the recruiter never called me back after I mentioned that information. She said she was going to. I totally screwed myself. Should I call her back?