Change my Major?? HELP!

  1. I am currently a Public Relations major set to graduate December 04. My whole life I have wanted to be in the medical field. I realized that I could not be a doctor due to all of the science courses required. I am just not the best at science. I just can not take many more years of school because of finances.

    I am starting to think that I may always regret not doing something medical just because I thought I couldn't do it. I don't want to live my life thinking "what if?".

    My question is, what should I do ?

    Should I finish up my PR degree while also getting nursing pre-reqs out of the way, then enter an accelerated 16 month program??

    Should I stop the PR after this semester and concentrate solely on nursing pre-reqs, then enter the accelerted program??

    Any suggestions would be very, very helpful!

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  3. by   CarVsTree
    It's hard for me to tell you what to do. But nursing does require quite a bit of science.

    Is the 16 month program an RN program?

    I suggest you take at least one of the science pre-reqs and see how you do.
  4. by   RudeyMvp
    If it's what you want to do,,by all means DO IT!!!
    Yeah,,,science classes can suck,,,,BUT dont let that stop you from being a nurse.

    We all have doubts about our abilities when deciding on a career or making a career change. It all comes down to discipline!

    If you study everyday, do it with enthusiasum and energy,,you will do fine.

    As for changing majors from HR to nursing,,,try it for a semester and see what happens. You can always switch back to HR if you want.

    I think the hardest thing about Nursing school..isnt so much the difficulty of the classes,,,,but rather,,,,that little voice in your head
    "OMG what am i doing?? Am i gonna like nursing??? Will I be able to handle taking care of sick people!! Will I be able to handle it emotionally dealing with the sick everyday!"
    Just deciding on nursing as a major is tough!!!

    Self-doubt is one of humanities biggest enemies, it tells us we are not smart enuff, not good enuff and on and on. Don't fall into the trap of negative thinking.

  5. by   Ranchgirl30
    Hoosier. . . My friend and I were the same way in college. I finished my major in Communications and graduated with that. She spent her last year shoving in her pre requisites for the accelerated nursing prgram at our school. She went on to graduate the next year with an English major and then went straight into the accelerated program. I regretted it this whole time and 9 years later, I am going back to an accelerated program. If I had to do it all over again I would finish my major but squeeze in my prereq's before graduation and then go straight into the 12 or 16 month BSN. Are you in Indiana?? We went to Valparaiso University.
  6. by   NursePru
    All I can say is....I was in your shoes a couple of years ago. I ended up staying with my current major (graphic design) and having a hard time finding employment. Where am I now? Taking nursing pre-reqs and applying to an Accelerated BSN program this winter. My reasons for not doing it were the same...I feared the sciences. Put your mind to it and if you want it bad enough you will get the grades. I know have a 4.0 in my sciences...I scared myself into getting A's!

    PR is a good field, but I thought I wanted to be in a business environment and now I just want to get away from it. So before you stick with PR I would think long and hard about what type of environment you want to be in everyday. I know nurses have a lot to deal with in their environment as well, but I feel like I can handle those things as long as I am proud of what I do.

    Just remember, it's mind over matter. Don't ever think that you are not smart enough to do this. I did that for a long time and wasted a good 7 years learning about and working in a field that is totally unfullfilling.
  7. by   RudeyMvp
    The Business world SUCKS!
    Ok, ok, i may be just a little bitter since I went back to school in 98' to get into Information Technology, and now all the good high paying IT jobs are going to India.
    A guy can only take so much.
    The average U.S. tech worker makes around 60k a year. Businesses have been offshoring software development to India cuz they only gotta pay India workers 10k a year instead of 60k.

    Other day on the news they said 1 milion IT jobs are going to India this year alone, and 5 million in the next 3-5 years!

    I'm just soo sick of all the crap in Business, I wanna do something meaningful with my life and it looks like im going back to school for ADN in nursing.
  8. by   live4today
    Hoosier....if liking science is what it takes to enter the nursing or medical field, then I shouldn't have bothered. I've NEVER liked science........then I started nursing and everything changed. I did really well in all my sciences because they pertained to something about my human body and helped me to understand how it functioned and why it functioned the way it did. It was very fascinating to me, especially Micro! I know...THE GERMS THE GERMS THE GERMS!

    If you really feel passionate about giving the medical field a whirl, then go for it. Keep up with your PR classes, and sign up for whatever prereqs you may need to enter nursing. Test the waters. If the shoe fits, buy it! If it doesn't, leave it alone.