career change from accounting to nursing?

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    I have been checking this site out but was so undecided about career transition. I would love to hear some nurses who was an accountant/business/corporate prior to their nursing career. I took all the nursing prerequisite when I was in college (15 yrs ago) but decided to pursue an accounting career instead. I got two masters degree in business and accounting. After a decade of crunching numbers, I feel I am ready to trade my calculator to scrubs and stethoscope. Any advice? Thanks

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    Hi khris!,

    I'm new to this board and really don't have any advice, as I'm actually doing the EXACT same thing! This past May would have made 10 years as a junior accountant at my former job! I'm so excited about making this career change; and if it helps at all, I've consulted with several of my friends in the medical field and they are all in agreement that it's a great profession.

    Best of luck to you!
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    Thanks simplyblessed!

    I am a little anxious about change but I feel I need this change.

    Best of luck to you also!
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    I'm also working on a career change! I was a college administrator with an MBA and worked in higher ed for 21 years. After volunteering as an EMT for a couple years I was inspired to make a change to nursing. I have one accept in hand, but am hoping to hear positive news from my program of choice in February. I don't have any advice yet, but it seems we're in good company here.
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    It's good to hear that there are similar minded people out there, who like me, have grown extremely dissatisfied with the Business World. I have been investigating the proper steps to complete my BSN and change careers into Nursing. I am married and have two children, which will make it extremely hard to transition into a new career. However, I would rather struggle for a couple years, instead of being unhappy for another 30 years. I would love to satisfy the 4 courses I will need, in order to meet the pre-requisites and then enroll in a full-time accelerated BSN program. If anyone out there has any feedback, it would be greatly appreciated....
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    I'm so glad to hear I'm not the only one! I too am considering a change from public accounting to nursing. I'll be checking back to see if there's anyone that has gone through this change - I too am incredibly anxious but I think in the long run I'll be happy that I decided to make the change.
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    I worked as a CPA/Auditor for 15 years before making the change to nursing three years ago. It has meant less money, but much more job satisfaction. I believe that I make a bigger difference for my patients, than I ever did for my clients.

    The job is much more physically demanding than I was prepared for. Three years as a Med-Surg RN, has boiled 25 pounds off my frame, and at times shocked me with the outrageous demands of patient families. But I love the job

    Semper Curatio, R
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    I just discovered this site a few days ago and have already posted on a few threads. I too have a background in the corporate world. I'm 32, have a BBA, an MBA and work in the investment management world. The money is really good, but again, it lacks any satisfaction. Both of my sisters and wife are nurses and of course they have complaints, but overall, they really love what they do. When I keep pondering the issue, I can really see myself making more of a difference walking into a patient's room than walking into our boardroom for a client meeting. And I've heard many stories about how patients can be so ungrateful. Such is the world! I am actually meeting with an academic advisor next week about an accelerated BSN program. I realize I have some pre-reqs to complete. I've also heard than having an MBA may help for advancement into more of a management role.....just sayin'.
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    I'm an RN for 6 years now. I honestly regret this decision to ever become a nurse as it is one of the most stressful jobs one could have. I would love to have a quiet office room/cubicle. Nursing, at least in the hospital setting, is very physically demanding as well as emotionally draining. As a nurse you have to deal with too many issues at ones, demanding patients and their family members, constant shortage of staff etc.You don't get a proper lunch break. I just quit my work in a hospital and don't plan to ever work as a bedsite care nurse- the money was good, but it is not worth the stress in the long term. Plus, hospitals don't usually have good benefits, and forget any bonuses! I started working in an outpatient setting as an infusion nurse- the job is still stressful, but somewhat better conditions. Overall, if I could choose again, I would become a pharmacist, or an accountant, or a banker. I'm just not young anymore, and don't want to go to school again to change my career.
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    Why put off school to do something you were not meant to do? Sometimes one can not appreciate their profession until they have tried another profession. Perhaps it would be benefical to hear from those career changers (from something to nursing) that regret making the change.....

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