At a crossroads....would really LOVE some advice!!

  1. I will make this as short as possible and would appreciate feedback!

    I work @ a children's hospital in the emergency dept. I am a RN/BSN. I also have a BS in Public Health. I enrolled last spring in an FNP program and have taken one class. School is scheduled to start August 25, and I am enrolled for 3 classes. It is a part time program and I will not be done until Dec 2012. (UGH).

    I pretty much enrolled for my masters degree in order to make more money. (I make less than $21/hr now...again...UGH). What I'm struggling with is this-I feel like I have enough stress in my life and don't want anymore! What I have not mentioned to this point is that my mother (hx of previous stroke and now balance problems) lives with me. This December, she will have lived with me for 7 years. It's hard. I'm not married, no kids. I feel like I have been in school my entire adult life. I am 35 years old. I feel like I began the FNP path, like I said, to make more money. If I could explore other options as far as how to make more money outside of the clinical setting....I don't know. I know 20 years from now, I won't want to or be able to work 12 hr shifts!! I'm really struggling and would love some insight.

    Maybe an online program would be better for me??? Does anyone have any insight into that?

    Struggling in TN!
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  3. by   blessedw2&ahubby
    only further your education if it is something that you would love to do - don't do it for the $ - read the book "48 days to the work you love" - by Dan Miller - this will help alot!

  4. by   Jules A
    Your RN rate sucks, any chance of moving to a more progressive area at some point? Even though I know cost of living varies in my area you would be getting about $10 an hour more. I'm doing my NP for the same reasons, more money and easier on the old back, lol. Although I'm totally sick of school I continue to push through because even at my age (way older than you) I figure I'll need to work another 20 years if possible and I want to work smarter rather than harder. Good luck with whatever you decide.