Aspiring Male Nurse, Looking for Advice

  1. Hi, I am an 18, male, just graduated in 2008. I live in West Hills, southern California and I'm very interested in becoming an LVN. Looking for some helpful advice out there,

    What is the best way to get started?
    Good nursing schools?
    Would you recommend this profession?
    Average schedule?
    Average salaries in Southern California?
    I'm also interested in hearing how thing were finding jobs and pay right after receiving their LVN License.

    Thank You sooo much, any advice is much appreciated :spin:
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  3. by   HouTx
    Welcome to A N!

    I would suggest you find local schools and make an appointment to talk to their admission counselors. VN programs vary in the amount or type of pre-requisites required and the overall length of the program. Some programs are even designed as part of a "career ladder" program, in which graduates are given preferential enrollment into high level programs so it would be much easier for you to progress to an RN if you wish to.

    Right now, the job situation for new grads is pretty bleak - but by the time you finish your education and obtain your license, it should be much better. Congratulations on making a great career choice.
  4. by   keenanbean
    Thank you for the reply, I've been looking into some schools. Seems like most of them take 1 year to complete. Do you think it would be real tough to get a good job coming right out of nursing school?
  5. by   Scyankee
    If you are finding schools that only require one year to complete they must not include the time required to do any pre-reqs. I know here in SC we have a few LPN (LVN) classes that take around a year to complete but you are still required to take a list of pre-reqs that take a year to finish. Just to get into the LPN class here you need to take Eng 101 Math 101 and 102, PSY 201 General Psychology; and ENG 101 English Composition I, an into to computer class, BIO 112 Basic Anatomy & Physiology, and that is just the min to qualify for the waiting list to get into the program. I think you should sit and talk to someone in admissions to see what is required of you.