any POSITIVE comments????

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    I am 26 yrs old and I am getting ready to go to college and become a nurse. I am confident, scared, worried and excited. Reading all your posts about the underpaid, the overworked, the underappreciated nurses out there is scaring me to death!!! I want to be a nurse because I WANT TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN PEOPLE'S LIVES. Of course, the money doesnt discourage me either. I know that it will be heart wrenching and hard, but to make one or two sick people happy a day, doesnt that make you happy???

    The reason for my post (im brand new to this website, thank god i found it) is to hear the positive aspects of nursing. I finally think I have found something that I want to do with my life. I have been an office mgr for 9 yrs and i know that i dont want to pay other peoples bills or do other peoples payroll anymore.

    Please give me just a minute to encourage me to pursue this career! i know it will be hard, i want a challenge and i want to feel important.

    HELP!! thank you in advance for your responses!

    amie (cincinnati, ohio)

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    I LOVE my job.
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    I think nursing is the ability to be a vital force in a persons health status. You could be the one person in their day who shows compassion, kindness, knowledge to respond to their fears and questions and the ability to rise to a whole new level of self awareness about life and death.

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    Hey - this thread is NOT filling up very fast.....

    Don't let that get you down, ams02. Put it this way: Is there ANY other career in the world where you can (and do!) ask people "when was your last bowel movement?"

    Nope - I thought not. With nursing you can go anywhere and do anything! We're all a bit warped, but what the heck....


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    We ask a lot more personal questions then you could possibly imagine (until you get to all the cool stuff in nursing school)!!!

    I say go for it.. follow your dreams!
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    thank you for your comments, i do know for sure i want to be the one person that shows some compassion for people, i hope thats enough! i hope that compassion is enough to succeed as a nurse (except of course mentally) - thank you again and i will keep checking for new posts - i am sooooo glad i found this website!
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    Welcome to the board!

    This is a great place to come and be motivated, encouraged and downright petrified all at the same time. I too am changing careers at the ripe old age of 41. Been working my way through pre-regs for over a year with one more semester to go. Then, the hard part - getting in the nursing program.

    You have made a wise choice, hang in there and visit often. I do, (it's almost an obsession! ). :imbar
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    hey geekymomma!! Is that what i should do first, im so confused about where to start. all the nursing programs here have a 2 year wait and i cant and wont wait 2 years!!! so i am aware of the pre-reqs that i should take, every class but the nursing clinicals right? i should be starting my pre reqs in January., is that a full time thing? i just need any advice i can get. i was thinking of going for all my anatomy, physc, and math and science classes that i need (like i said everything but nursing) thats where the wait is right? HELP! i am so excited. what kind of wait do you have for the nursing classes? im glad that your in the same boat as i am, im also glad that your ahead of me so you can warn me about things! thank you and good luck - im proud of you for doing this (not that i know you) but i know its hard for anyone so im proud of us all!
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    Welcome to the board! Getting all the pre-reqs out of the way is a smart way to go--Come on over to the Student section and you'll find tons of information about where to begin Pull up a comfy'll be hooked to this place in no time :chuckle
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    Thirty years ago I became a nurse because I wanted to make a difference. And I'm still here....I've seen alot of changes...good and bad..and the technology is astounding! I have gone wherever I wanted to go....and always been needed. I have tired of one area of nursing only to go on to learn something new. If this is what you want to do....don't let our venting and complaining stop you!!!! Mind you....we do it while we keep working at changing people lives one nurse at a time..........!!!!
    Welcome aboard.

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