This is all new to me!!!!!!!!!

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    Hello everyone i am new to this all ! SO first let me start off by saying my name is Dawn.I am 23 with 3 kids kids and a loving husband.I put off school after high school to work and take care of my first daughter at the time it was only supposed to be for a while but it turned into almost 5 years and 3 kids later its time for me to go back to school .I have no idea what to expect but i am excited and very nerves .So i was gland to find this sight hopefully i can meet some people to give me advice and to talk too.I am starting school in september.And after reading some of the other post and a news report on t.v i am gland to see i am not to old going back to school.I was veryworried about that. Congrats to all the gradutes and good luck to all that in school and stating school in september.

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    Hi Dawn,

    I'm so glad to hear even though your puta hold on your eduation, you still have the drive to go for your goals! . I wish you all the luck, and peace in the world. I sincerely salute your ambitions, and the commitment you're making to serve others!! This may become the most difficult time of your familie's life, but just remember your actions and your drive toward your goal will be what your children will remember most. Yes they will proud of their mom, and your husband will be proud of his wife, most of all... you will be proud of you. Best wishes to you in reaching your goal.

    And believe have landed in the right place. Don't hesitate to call on us...because as addicted as most of us are...we'll be right here....:chuckle
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    Dear Brownie,
    Thank you for your welcome and you thank you for being so positive.I think i am getting hooked on this sight already.You made me feel even better about my decision to go back to school .Thank you very much.
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    I was about your age with 2 boys when I went back to school and haven't looked back since. Although we all have our days, over all I wouldn't want to be anything other than what I am.

    Juggling school and family is tough, but as I gracefully age (my boys are now your age) I'm really glad I went back when I did. I am always amazed when I look back with all the energy I had. Don't think I could do it now.

    Congrats and best wishes. I will be worth the work.
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    Your very welcome ppeaches,

    And watch that addiction...:chuckle it's a doosy:chuckle, but still a very good thing..
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    Hi Dawn, Like you I had children and waited to go back to school. It took me a little longer though, I am 33 and the mother of 6 children ages 16 to 2. I was accepted into nursing school starting this fall and I am really excited. I am so thrilled to hear you say you are looking forward to it. Brownie was right, they will remember the hard work and your determination. They will all be very proud and you will be proud of yourself. Good luck with your studies. And keep your chin up. Just keep your goals in mind and you will be fine. Take care and don't hesitate to ask for help.
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    Hey shannon,
    Gland to hear your excited like me too.It's good to hear so many moms like myself are goingback to school.I never though wheni finished high school i would be excited to get back into school.I am really looking forward to it.
    But also need to find what i have to take before i can get into the nursing program.So if anyone knows what comes first let me know.
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    Hi debbye,
    Thanks for your encouragement i hope and pray i have as much energy as i need to get though theses coming hard times .But i know it will all worth it one day.Thank again!!!
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    Good for you, Dawn, for being motivated enough to return to matter what you decide to become. Education is great to have. One can never learn enough. Learning/school/college matures us, and certainly prepares us to enter the work force feeling more assertive and knowledgeable than we'd be without an education.

    I had three children and a spouse when I went back to college. To be honest, when I think back on those days, I wonder where I got the energy to do it all...wife...mother...student... It can be overwhelming at times, but little did I realize how much I had pushed myself to make it through college to become a nurse until I had a chance to sit back years later and contemplate all that I had done to get to where I am as a nurse. And...the education is still not done for me as I want more. Crazy? Probably. But, I know education is what it will take for me to be able to do more with my career as I want to do. So...keep on keeping on, Dawn, and I will certainly be here rooting for you all the way. Stay in touch with this nursing forum because you will gain a lot of strength from the fine nurses who post on You'll learn a lot, and be encouraged a lot as I am by so many here. Congrats on your goals! :kiss
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    Hi ppeaches! I am also new to all this. And Im very addicted to this web site. Its very interesting and Im learning a lot about nursing that I had no idea about. I have 2 kids and am 23 also. So Im very afraid about going to school and how to even out school, work, and kids. So good luck! To the both of us I mean

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