1. I'm not sure if nursing Is right for me, I know I want to help people but I don't want to wipe butts what field in nursing should I go into?
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  3. by   elle604
    What specialty are you in now? And what state
  4. by   Dalla
    You may have to "wipe butts" for awhile in order to become a nurse. Many programs require you to be a CNA (butt-wiping) to even begin the nursing program (more butt-wiping). Then, if you graduate, pass NCLEX, get your RN license, have a bachelors degree in nursing, you can try to get into Public Health Nursing - no butts!
  5. by   not.done.yet
    Nurses wipe butts. We also deal with blood, vomit, snot, pus, urine, bad breath, naked old people, naked fat people, bare genitals in variable states of health, germs like bacteria, fungus and viruses and all the smells and textures that come with those. It's not glamorous. Still want to be a nurse? Because guaranteed you will deal with any to all of these at some point before you even get out of nursing school.
  6. by   loriangel14
    If you don't want to provide personal care for your patients,don't become a nurse.Yes there are jobs that don't involve dealing with bodily fluids but generally they require bedside experience first.Having RN behind your name does not exclude you from having to deal with "yucky stuff".
  7. by   VanessaLovesNursing
    Nursing isn't only about wiping butts... You may have to do a lot of that in the beginning but Nurses do WAY more than just wipe butts