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  1. Hello Everyone,

    I need your advice ASAP!!! My last urine sample submitted returned "abnormal!" I called the BON immediately to find out whatthe details were, and they said that my urine was "not human!" WOW!!! I am to the point now where I believe that this is all a conspiracy with certain people. The reasons why is because the BON instructed me to call the Medical Review Officer and speak with him for further details. He stated,"it is humanly impossible for someone to have a urine creatnine of 1.9," "this has to be a cat or dogs, urine," and the kicker was "this may be someone else's' urine." Well, I immediately got upset because he contradicted himself! At first he stated that it was not human urine, then he stated that I could have gotten someone else's urine! I told him that I do not own a dog or a cat, and that I was insulted that I have been accused of submitting a synthetic (false) sample!

    Right now, I am pretty angry! He asked me if I gave him a fake urine sample, and in turn I ensured him that I provided urine from MY BODY!!! All of my tests are observed with someone standing directly over my head, and I would NEVER jeopardize my future. I have come too far, spent too much money, been humiliated and stagnated!

    I previously mentioned this being a conspiracy because afterour dispute, the MRO kept saying "make sure there is MONEY in your account!" He repeated this over and over! I replied, "There is money in my account!" He was satisfied and stated that he will test the second sample.

    I've been giving urine samples for almost a year, andonly a few have returned abnormal due to low creatnine levels. I drink plenty of water, tea (organo gold) and coffee. It seems that they are just about money, and not concerned with our well being (emotionally, physically,mentally, psychologically). What should I do to resolve this issue? Help...!
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  3. by   jackstem
    You could consider having a hair sample tested. Every 1/2 inch of hair represents about thirty days. They generally test 1.5 inches. It is extremely difficult (if not impossible) to alter a hair sample. Just a thought.

  4. by   iisonu
    Thanks for your reply Jack! Since my last post, the board has ordered blood tests, more U/A's and a hair sample! Honestly, I have nothing to hide nor will they ever find anything, because there is nothing to find! I am beginning to think it's more of a money thing with them. How else will they survive lest we starve? Just a thought...
  5. by   JZ_RN
    This is just weird. I understand that they test for drugs, but why even test for creatinine if someone observed you give the sample? It does sounds weird. I've never had a urine sample come back abnormal myself, but I'd just go ahead and give a hair sample I suppose.
    Good luck!
  6. by   backtowork
    The reason they test for creatinine, and a myriad of other things, is that folks who have not found the path to recovery have been known to catheterize themselves and irrigate their own bladders with everything from other's urine, to animal urine, to fake urine. Desperate times make for desperate people.

    The thing that I find ironic is that the nursing board will slap you down for practicing medicine as an RN, but they feel more than justified to practice medicine themselves by ordering us to various specialists for a ton of renal studies and such at our own expense. It is not like we have formed a physician-patient relationship with the board ...now is it.
  7. by   JZ_RN
    Never thought of that. But then again I've never had to try to pass a drug test 'cause I never do/have done drugs.. I guess people get creative when they're too dumb to not do drugs lol.
  8. by   Darlie1009
    FYI, when the hair sample comes back negative, they will say, "u colored ur hair" & it altered the results. In AL there is an attorney that defends nurses against the BON.
  9. by   TXRN2
    @ JZ_RN- funny you would post something like that on a forum for nurses in recovery! most of are here because at some point in our nursing careers we were "dumb" enough to do either drugs or alcohol.
  10. by   backtowork
    JZ RN..I felt very much like you a many moons ago..Please remember.."there but for the Grace of God go I." I had to remember this the hard way.
  11. by   JZ_RN
    I'm not saying that people who do drugs are "dumb" but when you realize you need to pass a drug test, and instead of seeking help you try to do something as crazy as alter a drug test, that's dumb. Poor wording, I apologize.
  12. by   nowim clean
    JZ_RN I am not here for drugs YET, but I am here because I abused alcohol. I can now say for 19 months im clean and sober. There are some here due to a DUI, and some for drugs. Your comments are judgmental and I hope you never have to walk 1 day in our shoes, trying to recover and become healthy, dealing with the BON, trying to find a job with the restrictions placed on you, walking on eggshells with coworkers and employers, drug screens that cost 76.00 each for a urine sample that is observed. So I truely hope you never have that drink with dinner find yourself in a check point and end up in the AP program.
  13. by   JZ_RN
    Like I said, I wasn't intending to be judgmental to people with addiction problems, just those who attempt to lie and cheat the system to get away with it instead of seeking real help. I don't drink, period because I have a close family member who was an alcoholic and I'd like to avoid addiction all together, but thank you for assuming I meant to be judgmental when I clearly stated I wasn't trying to be judgmental, but simply made a poor choice in words.
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  14. by   iisonu
    Hi Everyone,
    Thanks for your input regarding my dilemma. Since I've last posted, the BON has summoned me to have 2 separate blood draws, a hair test, and several random ua's all at different times. All tests returned negative, but the board still threatened me with: Provided that any future tests return "abnormal," you will be disciplined! Wow! I'm getting a strong vibe that they really want us to fail!

    At this point in time, I wouldn't do anything to jeopardize all of my hard work, all the money that I've lost and time wasted on fighting them! The threats alone make me cringe at the fact that several of my ua's returned "abnormal" due to my creatinine levels being off by a point or two! I'd rather give random blood samples just to prove that I am drug FREE!

    Again, thanks for your input and support!