a career in nursing

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    i have wanted to be a nurse since i was four years old. i was the kid in the neighborhood who always had band-aids and cotton balls and iodine. All my friends came to me to fix their boo-boos.

    My parents told me i wasn't smart enough and didn't get good enough grades to be a nurse.

    I am a single parent of two girls. Worked part-time putting myself through nursing school. Paid every dime out of my own pocket with the exception of $500.00 that jtpa paid for uniforms and books.

    The job is heartbreaking, and has long hours, and no glory at all unless its the look of gratitude that a resident or patient gives you without saying a word. The pay isn't anything to write home about, considering the responsibilities of the job.

    But I love what we do, and wouldn't choose any other career to be in. I'm still that four year old at heart.
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    Nice post blumer

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    Awe, that is a very sweet post
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    Those of us who are getting ready to start nursing school hope that once we're done and in the trenches like you, we'll love our jobs too!
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    My philosophy is...If your heart isn't in it..then get out of it!
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    Congrats to you and I'm liking these motivational posts!

    Hey, I though NJ was the armpit state .... :roll
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    That was such a beautiful post keep your head up and remember that 4yr old that's enough to make you cry. keep your head up lateblumer