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I need some help. I just joined the site. I am working as a radiology nurse in small imaging facility. Its been a great job. Unfortunately we are shutting our doors 12/2013. I am worried sick. I live... Read More

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    Quote from Esme12
    I was an educator, mentor, preceptor and night supervisor/resource person/IV team for a critical access facility when my position was "downsized" and YES....It is a waste of all my knowledge. Obviously, being 52 makes me unintelligent and undesirable....one to be avoided at all costs. I have applied for so many positions it is almost comical. After 32 years at the bedside and 35 years in this profession to be told I didn't have "experience" in triage (I'm an ED nurse and CEN) and they were pursing more suitable/qualified candidates.....I was shocked and heartbroken. Ageism is alive and well as is discrimination towards the disabled nurse. I have an auto-immune disorder that attacks my muscles...so that makes me old and sick. So I am an outcast, infectious, and need to be isolated and avoided. They call me Typhoid Mary. So, I spend my time here at AN teaching and educating. If someone would have told me this before I turned 50 I would have NEVER believed them. Boy was I wrong.
    "Like" as in "acknowledge" and "empathize..." besides you investing your time here, there's not much to like-like in your post.

    I wish I could make things right and just in the world.

    "I would have NEVER believed them..." Here's perhaps a place where I've had an advantage over you... I saw it first hand happening to other people... and learned to fear it early.

    This transcends nursing... our society is cold-blooded.
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    My heart goes out to you! So sorry for the disrespect that you are experiencing. How about online instructor? Gee, just from reading your posts here, I'd go to you in the blink of an eye with anything! You have inspired and helped many here - please keep up the good work!
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    I am sorry too Esme. You have a lot to offer. Who wouldn't want a mentor like you? I hope something comes that will be flexible and take advantage of your experience.
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    Thanks....guys. I saw it coming eventually but I was powerless to stop it.....I don't put it out there usually but sometime you just have to. I am thankful for the little things...like I'm above ground..and that's good. I have 2 great kids that are my sunshine and by far my best accomplishment...like I can actually take credit...LOL.

    They are healthy and kind, they are smart and beautiful/handsome. (even if they are just getting their licenses) Life is breathtaking from their eyes...the sun will be up tomorrow. It's all good...tomorrow is another day.
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    After 60 resumes ( okay, maybe 50)(not kidding), I finally received an interview in a LTF. Its like a whole new world. But it is what it is. The interviewer was like myself, from old school. I am surprised that LTF do not pay anything great. She replied, if I had more experience in Long term care, she could give me more per hr. I guess all that experience ( 30+) counts for nothing in the scheme of things. She said she would contact me tomorrow,. At least its what I'm making now. Benefits are there, but not sure what cost will be for me.
    I wish EVERYONE of my fellow nurses luck in pursuing a nursing career at our ages. How disheartening this all is!!!
    Thank you all for your input!
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    Best of luck to you. I hope you like it,that is the most important thing. I spent many years in LTF before going into home care and I found it very helpful that I had that experience as it made transitioning into home care easier, as most of the patients are elderly. I loved every minute and found it to be very rewarding.
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    Good Luck! I'm sending good vibes!!!!
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    I'll have my BSN in 2 more semesters (hopefully!) and I'm now 55.
    I feel SO MUCH BETTER just knowing somewhere someone else my age is doing or done this.
    Thanks from the bottom of my heart!

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