Any Canadian RNs going to Australia?

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    I've been combing the internet regarding qualification in Australia as a nurse. I haven't come across any information regarding licensure exams such as the equivalent of the NCLEX (or the CRNE in my day). I'm also looking for information about how one goes about finding a job -- are there agencies to help expat RNs? I worked in California years ago and was recruited by the hospital itself, so I have no experience with agencies. I'm also in my late 40s but in very good health. Sorry, this is a lot to ask but I really need to be pointed in the right direction. I've been licensed in Alberta since 2005 and have worked on the floor in a variety of different areas but mainly rural. Many thanks to all who respond!
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  3. by   vyecheverria

    Australia doesn't have state or licensure exams, all you need to do is apply for registration with the Australian Health Practitioners Registration Authority (Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia). Australia abolished state boards/councils a few years ago so you only need one license to practice nationwide.

    There are numerous nursing agencies that specialize in placing nurses in remote areas like the outback. If you want to work in a acute care setting like a hospital, I suggest you look up the website of the appropriate local health authority (for example l, the Sydney metropolitan area is composed of several health districts such as Southeastern, Southwestern, Northern, etc).