Working in austrailia!

  1. Hello, I'm graduating from nursing in Canada and looking to move to Australia after to work for a year or so can anyone help me on where to start?
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    AHPRA would be starting point
  4. by   K+MgSO4
    Getting registered and a visa arer the first things. You MAY be able to get a visa with a hospital but that is getting less likely as we are starting to experience an overload of nurses in the cities here. If you were willing to go rural you might have a better chance. Get experience first.

    It is a different health sysytem and diiferent meds. Eg I worked in colorectal in Ireland we gave IV augmentin 1.2g TDS and metronidazole 500mg IV TDS. In Oz IV augmentin does not exist! Aspirin dosing is 100mg daily as a preventative in Ireland it is 75mg.
  5. by   ceridwyn
    I give up on advising to lay off at this time coming to Australia for work when the nurse applicant has very little experience for the next couple of years at least.

    Only those living here know the true story.
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  6. by   K+MgSO4
    that's why my head hurts!! Banging it against a brick wall!

    Thought it was worry from my ward closing and having to wait to hear if I had a job!
  7. by   Bringonthenight
    Please reconsider! The nursing job market in Aus right now is terrible for Australian new graduates, I can't imagine how much harder it will be for a foreign new graduate with no experience. Hospitals rarely sponsor foreign nurses anymore. Plus experienced nurses in the public system are being laid off left right and centre forcing a surplus of applicants on the private system. The jobs just aren't available.

    But if you still would like to try the first place to go is AHPRA, be warned it will take months for your application to be considered.
  8. by   chanjyj
    Reading this thread, I am starting to severely regret my decision to switch industry (I have another Bachelors degree) and head to Australia to commence with my Bachelor of Nursing.

    But the money has been spent (a sizeable chunk of savings, at that) and I guess it's too late for recriminations as I'll be touching down on Australian soil in 6 days time. Ah, the irony.
  9. by   Mopples
    Don't stress to much yet. You still have 3 years of uni left before you start a new grad. Hopefully by then, things will have improved.
  10. by   chanjyj
    Quote from Mopples
    Don't stress to much yet. You still have 3 years of uni left before you start a new grad. Hopefully by then, things will have improved.
    Thanks for the kind words Mopples.

    To go a little off-topic, it's 2 years for me. Somehow I was accepted into their graduate entry, which shaved off a year. My other degree is not remotely related to the medical field, so I was initially wondering if I should accept the offer. But the savings in tuition fees and a year's living expenses were enough to sway me.

    I wonder what I would be missing out; the first year having modules like Bioscience 1, Bioscience 2, Clinical Practice 1...
  11. by   samdom1
    Hi Ceridwyn
    Ive been reading lots of nursing forum posts this morning and am becoming a little disheartened as I am in the process of gaining a 189 visa for Ipswich Brisbane, and am a nurse with 20 years experience, hoping to find a job in Queensland its all looking a bit grim, but does that also translate for experienced nurses? I am interested to know where you work and as you appear honest in your responses I would like to know if there are any benefits to nursing in Queensland at the mo that you are aware of? I am looking for a clinical educator or nurse consultant post in aged care hopefully in a hospital setting...your views would be greatly received?

    Many Thanks

  12. by   samdom1
    Hiya how about aged care nurses with twenty years experience?

    I would love to work in an acute hospital ward or rehab ward setting??

    Any recommendations?