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Hello, I have been reading a few threads from this site regarding nursing in Australia and the proper steps required for immigrant nurses to practice in Australia. However, the more I read, the more I became confused. Can... Read More

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    Thank you, Bama RN! Could reply via google mail only! Thanks!!
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    This is delayed but I want to help anyone else wondering the same question.

    1. Apply on APHRA website - this is the nursing board. Download the form and fill it out. You don't need to fly to Australia to do this. Download, fill out, and mail the umpteen documents (ceritified!)
    2. Wait about 4-8 weeks for them to tell you if you're approved or not.
    3. Once approved, you can apply for jobs.

    Hope that helps! It seemed vague in the beginning when I was applying too. But that is all you need to do. That being said, the application process alone is a nightmare just to gather all the documents and certify them... Best of luck!
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    Hey,I also want to move to Sydney Australia. I'm an american OR nurse. Did you find any good info on moving and finding a job and a place to live?
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    Dunno, think you might need your Msn and Dp" RN perhaps also the Fnp and the Fnnmmpdp - just some Aussie irony humour why not do some research on hospital jobs, starting with places you would like to be. Sydney is very expensive to live. Oh and APHRA for nuring registration is first thing to do.

    Hope someone with the lived experience replies.
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    Quote from Nikki Jay
    Hey,I also want to move to Sydney Australia. I'm an american OR nurse. Did you find any good info on moving and finding a job and a place to live?
    Just a heads up if you're wanting to work in theatre (OR) here in Australian, theatre nurses need to be able to scrub AND circulate. We don't have scrub techs. The major hospitals nurses tend to be either scrub/scout or anaethetic/PACU. The smaller hospitals want you to do all areas.

    So if you don't scrub at the moment in the US its a good idea if you start.
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    Quote from Bama RN
    I sent in my application to the NSW branch back in October 2012, and 4 weeks later, I received my approval. I went into the office this past Thursday to perform my identity check, and today I'm showing up in the Registers of Practitioners.

    As far as the application process, make sure you read and have EXACTLY what they ask for. I did a ton of research before applying, so they never had to ask for anything else from me. I sent everything where it could be tracked, and then called the following day after they received it to confirm. Also, make sure to read the sections on certifying documents and what forms of identification are acceptable. I had to show my Notary Public the website stating that the copies had to be certified because she wanted to argue that Notaries only certify signatures. Might be handy to have a printout of that page with you when you go to certify.

    Make sure you have high school and college transcripts as well as letters from your schools saying that you were "taught and assessed in English". From what I read and was told, that was a biggie as far as proving you were efficient in the English language. I don't remember the application specifically stating that you had to have this, but I remember reading about them asking for it at a later time.

    Also, you will have to make a personal appearance at the branch you apply to, so be prepared for that. You have a year from the date of your letter of approval. At that time, they will do an identity check on you verifying your passport, local address, and visa status.
    So do official high school and college transcripts also have to be certified? Does that just mean a notary signs and stamps the back of the transcript envelope? Or do they break the seal and sign/stamp every page of the transcript? Few seem to be replying to my qu's and I'm feeling overwhelmed...
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    It is just a stamp saying that it is a copy of a authentic certificate. In Australia, it is normally witnessed by a Justice of Peace.
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    So when I started this whole process of applying as an internationally qualified RN, I vaguely remember reading someone's comments here on allnurses that AHPRA wanted to read in the course work something regarding howmuch of each course was theory and how much was application...

    Yes, I should have sent all the syllabi in when I sent in my application. AHPRA had told me my university could email it to them, but now they are telling me that is not possible. Would have been nice to have known 2 months ago.