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registered nurse

  1. 0 hi i am registererd nurse in fiji with dipoma in nursing wanting to move to new zealand i dont know much about nz laws please help me .
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    There is an AUS/NZ forum under World Nursing, which will give you a more targeted response. HTH!
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    Nz appears to have slowed down immigration for Registered Nurses. They are on the Long term list. medical, icu, aged care, need at least 3 years experience in these areas.

    I do know however you will need registration with the New Zealand Nursing Council, this will be your first job, to be a Registered Nurse in NZ first.
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    Ceridwyn is right. The New Zealand Nursing Council is your first stop because you can't get a visa without being registered, and employers won't talk to you without being registered. The council does require you take the IELTS and have 2 years experience to even consider you for registration.
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