Is it a Medication Error

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    Would like to find out if for some reason RN or EEN forgot to sign medication chart after doing a Insulin Injection, is it considered a Medication Error??? and a Incident Report needs to to written due to this???
    Is this right or wrong???

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    not signed = not done.
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    not signed = not done.[/QUOTE
    AGREED at least in my hospital.
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    Thanks you for all the comments, I agree too.
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    To be honest. Wouldn't be more fair-play to call the nurse that haven't signed the drug chart? Or ask a patient if he received an insulin (if he is not confused of course)? Writing an incident report form will not help you. IRF won't tell you if patient had it or not.
    I have worked a bit in UK and came to conclusion that there was no solidarity between most of nurses. We are human, not robots and we have a right to make mistakes, especially working under pressure and constant stress. If you feel like first right thing that need to be completed is incident report form then do it. But do not be suprised afterwards when your colleauges will talk behind your back. I have never met a perfect nurse. Take care.
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    an incident report is not about blame but s looking at where there is faults in the system. On my ward we have stopped phone calls being answered by nurses from family members until after 10AM so that the nurses are not interrupted giving morning meds. it has reduced drug errors significantly
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    Well in this case it is obviously about blaming someone.

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