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I've been trying to looks this up online but I haven't found any information on it. Does an NP certification have reciprocity between the US and Australia? Would a US NP have trouble in Australia or... Read More

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    Quote from ceridwyn
    Was the poster that is quite happy to put down a Nursing degree of 3 years from the US? Or originally from elsewhere and this is the NZ/Australian forum.
    So only Kiwis and Aussies can post here? Just clarifying...
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    Quote from iamnomad
    So only Kiwis and Aussies can post here? Just clarifying...
    Any member can post in any forum they have access to. We do however ask that everyone respects everyone and understand when posting in forums of the International status be aware that schooling may and is different. I know the UK training is just over 3 years but they do not take time off in the holidays like they do in Canada/US so if I was to look at the overall time of the course I bet I would find them of similar hours

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