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Hi There, I know this isn't the nursing student forum, however that area of the board is largely plagued with nursing students in America! I'm an Australian nursing student scouring All Nursing for any other Australian nursing... Read More

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    ^^ That was my second choice for uni placement. I was so torn but decided I couldn't wait to start nursing subjects in the end. I really miss my artsy subjects though - history and psych.. Oh, I'm a bit jealous now! How are you finding it? (I'm at UTS by the way. Just down the road!)

    I've just started working in a nursing home, on a dementia unit to! What is with nursing homes and early shifts? Hospital AMs start at 7AM and I LIKE MY SLEEP!!! How are you finding it?

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    I'm really liking it so far, it's good to have some variety. I always thought it seemed like a stupid idea, until I went to the open day the last day before the cut off for changes and everyone was so nice I changed my mind! I was going to go to UTS.

    The classes are quite small too, and because there's a post-grad program there's a good mix of people doing the course, it's not your standard fresh from high school group.

    I've only done one shift at the nursing home so far. It's ok, but I guess I'm having trouble reconciling my idea of how residents are treated and how they actually are...the hard part is I guess that because I don't have any experience I'm not sure if I'm just being too 'by the book', you know? Like when the AINs rush through things it's in part because they have to. The hospital was a much more pleasant experience though. I'm looking forward to being fast and comfortable doing the AIN tasks at the home so that I can try and interact with the patients a bit more easily while I'm caring for them.
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    I really know what you mean about the challenges in the nursing home - how the residents are treated vs. how they actually are. They're people and sometimes (for me) it seems like the staff I work with forget that. Most of the staff seem so disillusioned with their jobs they seem to have separated the residents into 'things' - work, rather than people requiring care.

    I think the skill comes with time. The way the AINs rush through this is because they've been doing it for ages - and our heads are full of book and tute learning. I remember when we learnt sponges and showers there was so much detail and information to retain and how to do is procedurally - when in fact in real life it's just not like that at all. I work in a children's facility at all - there's no fuss about shower shoes and gowns when we shower/bath the kids like there is at the nursing home. We just take our shoes off!

    Which nursing home are you at?
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    Hi i'm in my 2nd /3yr year at cdu. I get to do some great subjects this sem. Emergancy,reneal, and research plus clinical.

    I'm starting to get excited after these 4 units , i'll only have 6 left 4 clinicals , peri & maternal health.

    I love the idea of the study group.
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    Ohh, another one of us! Nice to meet you! What does CDU stand for? I can't place it... You don't mean Charles Sturt, do you? If so, which campus are you at? I'm really interested in what it must be like to study out in the country is smaller communities.

    Your subjects sound really good for this semester! I don't think we specifically do "emergency" (critical care is an elective for us) but I'm doing renal this semester!
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    Yet another student here.. 1 semester into 18mth EN degree through TAFE in Renmark. Coming up to doing medications, aged care placements, Acute Nursing and Mental Health so this should be an interesting semester.

    I am so glad I found this site and it has made so many things clearer. I would love to have others to bounce ideas off of and an online study group sounds great - so many perspectives from so many places..... what more could you ask for??

    Anyways back to the bible
    Huge Thanks
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    Hi! It's so nice to find another one of us!

    Your next semester does sound interesting and exciting. Goodluck, I hope you enjoy it!
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    Hi CDU stands for charles darwin uni in Darwin. I'm doing it external. Which is great. I actually started at UNiversity southern queensland in Toowomba but changed cos iwent to work at Ayers rock.

    It was really great studing at a smaller regional uni (usq) very very flexible, you could usually go to any tut / lab on offer if you couldn't make your usual due to small class sizes. They also have a lot of courses on offer over summer which meant you lighten your work load but still finish on time.

    CDU is ok. They have ecixting subjects on offer, you get to choose 3 electives and do a 4 week clinical placement in 1. It is a bit weird external I miss the class contact.......but hey it fits in well with work/family. They have regular assessments so you cant fall behind cos there is always something to hand in , sit or discuss.

    What do you think of renal? is it compulsory or an elective?
    Mine is one of my electives...looks ok it is only my first week

    If any one gets the chance to go to a small country clinical take it, i've beeen to 2 stanthorpe and kilcoy and they were so hands on. I got to try so many skills. So much more than my fellow students who stayed in town.

    Welcome Sammy. Sounds like a great semster for you too!
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    Now if only i could spell Sorry guys
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    I'm in my 6th and final semester in Perth. I can't believe I'm almost finished!

    Good luck to you all. I'd be interested in doing the study group online thing but the units are different university to university and this semester is going to be the most full on one that we have had.

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