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i am starting this thread devoted to listing web resources for nurses not only in australia and new zealand but any of our regional areas. anyone is invited to add to the thread with a new resource... Read More

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    hi nina! did you get any replies to your querries? thanks, jenny
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    Quote from firecat777
    Hi everyone,

    I'm a RN from the US (3 yrs work experience)... I'm moving to Australia in about 2 months. I have my visa already and my license is pending for NSW. I have an associates degree, will this cause an issue? I have not been able to find information about that... I've read some things online but I'm not sure there are true. Also I need to know what the difference is between public and private hospitals. Pros and cons of working for these 2 types of hospitals. Also I'm looking to work for an agency since I am not ready to settle down to just one hospital... I need to find the right one for me. Please any help would be appreciated. This is all very new to me since I'm moving to Australia and I have never been there. This is a huge change for me and I need all the help I can get!! I'm also looking for accommodations... I will be arriving in Sydney with my husband and need a place to stay... any ideas?!

    Thank you in advance,

    Hi Paula

    I pray that by now you are registered in NSW and you are enjoying Australia.

    Can you please answer the following questions?

    How did you go with your application for nursing licence in NSW? How long did it take?


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    Australian Nurses Federation (WA Branch):
    ANF (WA Branch)
    Nurses Board WA:
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    Quote from augigi
    Can't answer all your post, but will try on some.

    In general, private hospitals are smaller, have more money, for privately insured patients. Much of it is elective surgery. Public hospitals are large, tertiary/teaching hospitals. They can have public (Medicare) or private patients. They generally have the most emergent services and sickest patients, most government resources. eg. if you worked in ICU, you would want a public hospital for sicker patients. Generally busier in terms of nursing. Pay rates for both public and private are awards, which you could google.

    There are many agencies once you have registration who would love to have you.

    Place to stay - check which has all the properties you could need, including furnished apartments you could sta in until you find out where you will work, where you'll want to live etc. PM me if you'd like more info on this as I live in Sydney.

    Very brave of you to move without visiting - but I hope you'll love it! Where in the US are you moving from?
    Hello there! I am from the UK and has just started applying for jobs there in Australia. I've gone thru an agency and after serious considerations i preferred to work in a private hospital in Melbourne as i am after a better working conditions and cheaper housing. But then the agency told me there's not many job vacancy on my speciality which is Orthopaedics at present so she asked me whether its OK for them to look in Sydney which is my second choice. I had to say yes because i really wanted to move ASAP but then i had to rethink again as for what i am aware of it is quite expensive living in Sydney. I did choose suburbs rather than the city for i thought it will be cheaper. Will it really be cheaper or it will be more likely the same? I will be bringing my husband and 3 yr old daughter so i would really like to be in a family-friendly environment which is going to be difficult if we end up in the city. Or shall i wait til a position becomes available in Melbourne? I hope you can give me some ideas to help me choose the best option. Thanks!
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    hi chin-chin,
    I work in ED in Perth, Western Australia. I read this article in the New Zealand Herald:

    World News

    I have visited Sydney but never worked or lived there. Have you thought about Perth?
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    Quote from darius000
    hi chin-chin,
    I work in ED in Perth, Western Australia. I read this article in the New Zealand Herald:

    World News

    I have visited Sydney but never worked or lived there. Have you thought about Perth?
    oh that article really made me think twice. i will do some research about Perth and probably have it as one of my options. i have actually read some informations about Perth before i made this post and it seems that it is suitable for people with family which i am really after. thanks!
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    L-O! everyone, just passed the philippine nursing licensure exam, just wanted to know all requirements to get particularly in brisabane coz i do have relatives there. Please explain to me specific or full details about the MIGRANT BRIDGING PROGRAM, i dont have any idea about that and should i take first my ielts here in the philippines or it is necessary to take ielts in australia. Thank U and GOOD day!
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    Quote from gwenith
    i am starting this thread devoted to listing web resources for nurses not only in australia and new zealand but any of our regional areas. anyone is invited to add to the thread with a new resource or site they would like to share.

    the only condition is that the resources added are not for the purposes of advertising as per the terms of service agreement all members agreed to on registering with this site.

    non-profit organisations, government heath websites, universities, medical websites (i.e. college of surgeons), hospital websites (esp. ones such as the liverpool hospitals trauma site) and local support organisations are all welcome to be listed. as long as the listing is not done for recruitment or profitable purposes- i.e. you can list say, woop woop university but you can't run a big advertisement saying come and enrol.

    so here are the start of the sites. first is the australian registration board listed for all overseas nurses wanting to come and visit our beautiful country.

    australian registration board

    this next site lists all the various state registration boards

    for those wanting to visit our beautiful neighbour

    new zealand registration

    ministry of health new zealand

    i will be adding more sites as i find them.

    hey..i can't seem to get connected to the australian registration website you posted here as well as the various state board registration please! thank you!
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    Links are now fixed
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    Any links on pay rates in all states?
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    I am a Filipina Nurse with 3 yrs of experience and IELTS...I am aspiring to work in NZ but wants to do the leg work myself...Ive started my NZ Council Application and have no idea regarding the visa and competency course..could anyone help me with the steps that I should take..thanks
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    Hello gwenith!
    im new here, a filipina living in germany and work here as a nurse. BSN-RN from Philippines, experience since 1997 in germany hospital, im interested in working in Australia, can you give me some hints how to apply there?
    thanks in advance
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    Thanks for the listings - very informative.

    For a nurse not yet in Oz - from Asia - would it be better to:

    a. First get Assessment from the Council in Canberra and do registration in a state and then look for a job? Or Should one do a job hunt first and registration later?

    b. Which state is the quickest in registration issues?

    c. From where can one get a list of hospitals and nurse recruiters?



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