Australia- Can anyone give me some advice for first grad RN job hunting

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    I am a third year student and gonna finish this degree next mouth.

    I was not lucky enough to get into new grad.

    Can anyone give me some advices for job hunting in NSW please?


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    Moved to Nursing in Aus/NZ forum in world nursing section to elicit further response.
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    Some nurses at work told me that if you have not been offered a position the main priority is to "get in there" and get experience, no matter where it is or how much you dislike it. After a year or two of experience of being an RN, you can then transition and go where you want to go.
    I looked around at the med-surg hospitals and found they all required experience, even for casual pool. So I am going to look at aged care (even though I don't like it), and mental health... just for a year, and then join the transition program of the hospital I want to be at. I'm just hoping I maintain my skills which I feel so unconfident with to begin with.
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    Agency work!!! Gets your foot in the door, gives you experience in different areas and different hospitals
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    withdrawn post resigning.
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