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Aussie-isms - page 7

Ok, I'll start a thread too! :cool: In an effort to help our non -Aussies understand our lingo, I'll start a thread on our slang words and / or words that are parculiar, common, here in Aust. So... Read More

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    Quote from SarahRN1987
    LOL, I just saw someone mention Woop Woop early on in this thread, and had to share that I have been in Oz for 2 1/2 years now, and about 6 months ago I finally asked my partner where Woop Woop was :P lol I thought that whole time that it was a real place! hahaha
    well seeing that Wagga Wagga is a real place not too much of an assumption!
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    WELCOME to AN!

    Hope you join in the forums often and contribute to the discussions.