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Hey there! Sorry if this a repeat of several other topics..I've been reading through many threads, and there is so much information, I'm getting overloaded. I'm an RN currently working as a traveler in the US. I have almost 2... Read More

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    Becky is in San Diego, too!! Everyone loves SoCal haha.

    Gosh, more expenses to suck up.. but AHPRA received more of my documents, yay! Hopefully next wekk they'll have everything and my registration will be approved..

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    Goooo SoCal!!! Another simple/quick question....for sending and attaching to your Visa online, how did you send the 2 passport photos? Was photocopying/scanning enough or did you just have to snail mail those???
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    hey so cal ladies!
    i would love to meet up for coffee!! that would be awesome. i can ask more questions about the whole registration process too! im not able to send personal messages yet because im new to allnurses. feel free to send me a message and i can send you my email address. thanks ladies!!
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    ...sorry another question! Were all these documents for visa and registration needing notarization as part as the "certified copy" bit? It seems like that costs a lot or does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks!
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    Hello guys! Although I'm not from Cali as well, I will be starting the application process soon (also an associates RN). The application is kind of vague, and my school wasn't very organized. What did you send in relation to education validation? It looks like it just wants a transcript but they're so vague...did you attach anything else? What about current work? Did you just have your job description notarized? Haha at this point I'd even pay for consultation. I just want it done right the first time so I don't have to mail anything else.My partner lives in nsw and I'm tired of the 30 hours of traveling from eastern us to Sydney! The quicker this goes through the better thanks for any of your help!
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    Becky: I can't answer any Visa questions since I haven't gone through that yet, but I think others on here have!

    Meowmixer: Yeahhh it is sooo vague as to what they I played it on the safe side and called them with questions. For highschool, I had a letter from my guidance counselor state I graduated, and was taught/assessed in English. I also had a certified copy of my diploma, and an official transcript. For college, I had a similar letter from the admissions office, official transcripts, and then outlines of my nursing curriculum. AHPRA sent me this in an email about what they required for education:

    Please note the minimum education requirement of a registered nurse in Australia is a Bachelor degree. A transcript of the theory subject hours and clinical subject hours as well as a record of clinical experience areas from York College of Pennsylvania is required. In order for an applicant to register as a Registered Nurse (Division 1) in Australia they must demonstrate both theory and clinical hours in the following streams: Medical/Surgical, Adult Nursing, Community Nursing and Mental Health Nursing.

    **when I sent this in originally, I had the classes listed as nursing 101: 3 credits, nursing 308: 8 credits, etc.. but what they want are the total hours (i.e., 3 credits = 45 hours of work over the semester).**

    For current work, they require statement of service letters, and they're super specific as to what they want. Again, in a email, they wrote me this:
    We require an original, or certified copy, of a Statement of Service from each of your employers over the last 5 years. The statement should be on employer letterhead and specify the role in which you were employed. It should specify if you have worked full-time, part-time or casual.
    If employed as part-time or casual, the number of hours per annum must be clearly documented.
    If full-time it should state the contracted hours per week.

    If you have changed from full-time/part-time/casual etc with the same employer this will have to be stated and show separate dates (from and to) for different types of work classifications. e.g. full-time/part-time/casual

    The hours:
    MUST be shown in date order NOT as one large block.
    Describe the role in which you were employed, and whether it was full-time/part-time/casual.
    Be signed by a manager (e.g. Director of Nursing, Unit Manager or HR Manager).

    Hope this helps! I've gone through a headache a half trying to get corrected documentation because I didn't know what they wanted at first.
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    Haha wow, that is really, really helpful. It's kind of like a big research paper you have to do but are so overwhelmed you just keep pushing it off because you don't know where to start. Onneee more question though, how did you go about getting things certified? You can't necessarily drag your nursing program head or employer to a justice of the peace. Thanks again! And when it's all said and done i have you enjoy oz as much as I have
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    Ha, it is exactly like that. So much to do you don't even wanna start..

    I had a family friend notarize my documents, otherwise it can get pretty pricey. For my nursing stuff, I just sent original documents so I wouldn't have to deal with that. My college was nice enough the second time around to send it straight from my college to Sydney, all sealed.
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    Quote from Yee213

    I was so busy moving, travelling, and settling in the last month, so I'm in Sydney now. Started working with 2 agencies since last Wednesday. Nursing is so different here compare to the US. Still trying to get use to the system, I'm completely overwhelmed. Worked in a few private hospitals, the only good experience I had so far is with St. Vincent Private, but they have been cancelling a lot lately. The recuiter said could be becasue of the school holiday. The recruiter also told me the staff in public hospitals tend to be nicer, private hospitals tend to be more picky becasue their pay rate for agency nurses are a lot higher than the public. Still pending my paper work for the public hospitals, hopefuuly it will be done soon. I need some emotional support........need someone to talk to
    How are things going? Would really like to hear how your settling in! How are you adjusting to australian nursing? Are you still interested in moving up to Brisbane?
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    Quote from Becky2023
    ...sorry another question! Were all these documents for visa and registration needing notarization as part as the "certified copy" bit? It seems like that costs a lot or does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks!
    if you're premium AAA member, you can get 10 notarized docs for free. I used 3A notarial service for my AHPRA and DIAC visa application. Otherwise, you shell out $25 per certied copy from your local clerk of court. This is the amount I paid at OC superior court near Jamboree and Campus at Newport Beach, CA. BTW anyone moving to South Australia (Adelaide) next year?

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